Crane Family Tree

Albert Stiles with Violet

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Crane name
Crane family tree
GGM1 – Louisa Crane
GGF2 – Charles Ashill Crane
GGF3 – William Crane
GGF4 – Joel Crane
GGF5 – Joseph Crane IV
GGF6 – Joseph Crane III
GGF7 – Joseph Crane II
GGF8 – Joseph Crane I
GGF9 _ Richard Crane (?)


This surname derives either from the Old English ‘Cron’ meaning Crown, or can be a reference to a physical similarity with the crane bird, that is to define a tall, slender man, or one with long legs.

It appears to have first emerged as a surname in Suffolk, The first recorded spelling of the surname Crane is with Osbert Crane in the year 1177, and found within the Pipe Rolls of Cambridgeshire, under the reign of King Henry II.

The name later moved up to the Scottish borders and some Cranes moved to Ireland. However our Cranes were firmly based in Somerset.


Crane Family Tree

We managed to trace this back to GGF8 Joseph Crane born in 1592. They appear to be a family that stayed local down the generations, the most interesting person appears to be Louisa Emma Crane:

GGF1 – Albert Richard Stiles 1862-1950
– Bratton, Westbury, Wiltshire

GGM1 – Louisa Emma Crane 1869-1932
– Clifton, Bristol
married 3 Sep 1893 at Weston All Saints, Bath, Somerset
GF – Albert ‘Bertie’ Stiles 1889-1952
Amy Louisa Stiles 1893-1985
Ellen Kate Stiles 1895-1895
Richard Henry Stiles 1896-1982
Lily Maud Stiles 1898-
Ernest Victor Stiles 1901-1982
Alice May Stiles 1903-1982
Elsie Louise Stiles 1905-1990
Doris Violet Stiles 1906-
Flossie Ivy Stiles 1907-
GGF2 – Charles Ashill Crane 1838-1916
– Chedzoy, Bridgwater, Somerset
GGF2 – Ellen Kent 1831-
– Chedzoy, Bridgewater, Somerset
married 21 Sep 1859 at St George’s C of E Church, Brandon Hill, Bristol, Somerset
Mary Ann Crane 1861-1861
Ellen Crane 1861-
Charles Crane 1863-1863
GGM1 – Louisa Emma Crane 1869-1932
Joseph Henry Crane 1870-1915
Elizabeth Crane 1871-1871
Charlotte Crane 1871-18711
GGF3 – William Crane 1792-1856
– Chedzoy, Bridgwater, Somerset
GGM3 – Mary Lock 1792-1855
married 30 Mar 1821 at Fivehead, Somerset

GGM3 – Elizabeth Ashill 1811-1895
– Chedzoy, Bridgwater, Somerset
married 6 Sep 1831 at Chedzoy, Somerset,
Ann (1824- )

Eliza Ann (Groves) Crane 1832-1897
Priscilla Crabe 1833-1919
Charlotte Crane 1834-
Francis Heal Crane 1836-
GGF2 – Charles Ashill Crane 1838-1916
William Staples Crane 1839-1903
Joseph Edwin Crane 1841-1893
Frederick Crane 1843-1910
Albert Crane 1844-1861
Caroline Elizabeth Crane 1846-1924
Mary Jane Crane (Rogers) 1848-1908
Henry Crane 1850-
Walter Henry Crane 1851-1910
Emily Crane 1853-1853
GGF4 – Joel Crane 1748-1830
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
GGM4 – Mary Hurman 1749-1781
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
married 23 Oct 1776, Somerset

GGM4 – Hannah Heal 1750-1848
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
married 28 Feb 1786, Somerset
Honour Crane 1777-1777
Susanna Crane 1779-1779

Joel Crane (Jr) 1789-1857
– m: Susanna Sibley 17 Jun 1817
John Crane 1791-1847
Joseph Crane 1792-1848
GGF3 – William Crane 1792-1856
Charles Crane 1795-
Mary Crane 1800-
GGF5 – Joseph Crane (IV) 1706-1772
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
GGM5 – Honour Edwards 1718-1779
– Woolavington, Somerset, England
married 1737
Joseph Crane 1738-1755
John Crane 1741-
Honour Crane (1746–1748)
GGF4 – Joel Crane 1748-1830
Thomas Crane (1750–1816)
– m: Sarah Hurman 13 Sep 1774
Robert Crane (1752–1753)
GGF6 – Joseph Crane (III) 1669-1729
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
GGM6 – Grace Craddock 1670-1729
– Castle Cary, Somerset, England
married 1695
Sarah Crane (1699–)
John Crane (1701–)
John Crane (1702–)
Phyllis Crane (1703–)
Elizabeth Crane (1705–)
GGF5 – Joseph Crane (IV) 1706-1772
John Crane (1706–)
George Crane (1707–)
GGF7 – Joseph Crane (II) 1631-1671
– Chedzoy, Somerset, England
GGM7 Elizabeth ?-1692

Joane Crane 1657-1710
GGF6 – Joseph Crane (III) 1669-1729
GGF8 – Joseph Crane (I) 1592-1675
GGM8 – Ann Gatcomb
m: 7 May 1623, Chedzoy

Richard Crane (I) (1624-1624)
Richard Crane (II) (1625-1690)
Benjamin Crane (1630–1691)
GGF7 – Joseph Crane (II) 1631-1671
Elizabeth (I) Crane (1633–1633)
Elizabeth (II) Crane (1634–1635)
John Crane (1638–1711)
Edward Crane (1640- )
Capt. Henry Crane (1643–1711)
GGF9 – Richard Crane
GGM9 Wilmot Torrye
m: 23 Jun 1588 at Chedzoy
GGF8 – Joseph Crane (I) 1592-1675
Symon Crane?
m: Joane Babb 27 Sep 1627


GGM1 – Louisa Crane 1869-1932

Louisa Emma Crane was born in Jan 1869 at Clifton in Bristol, daughter to GGF2 – Charles Ashill Crane from Chedzoy, near Bridgwater, Somerset and Ellen Kent, also from Bridgwater, Somerset.

She is shown on the 1891 Census as still living with her parents in Weston, Bath, Somerset and with a 3 year-old son called Bertie, his father is not clear. Louisa married Albert Richard Stiles on 3 Sep 1893 at Weston All Saints, Bath, Somerset, and they raised him as one of their nine children.

In 1911 Census they had three rooms at 23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath. Richard (49) is the ‘gardener to a gentleman’, Louisa (45) is a laundry maid. They have seven children living with them.

Amy Louisa at 17 is listed on the census form but then crossed through – see the Stiles Family Tree for more of her long life spent in institutions.


GGF2 – Charles Ashill Crane 1838-1916

Charles Ashill Crane was born in Chedzoy, Bridgwater, Somerset in January 1838. His parents were William Crane and Elizabeth Ashill, both also from Chedzoy.

Chedzoy, Somerset
This was a part of the royal manor of North Petherton, granted by Henry I to Roger de Mandeville (d: 1130), but probably only for his lifetime. In the 12th c it was owned by the PIrous and through marriage the Montagu family. In the 13th c the land was disputed by William Brewer and Alan Bassett but regained by William de Montagu and his son Simon, and the family held it until the late 15th c.

It reverted to the Crown twice in the 16th c, then was subsequently granted to the earl of Pembroke. It was owned by them in 1652, and passed through multiple hands until the 19th c. Around 1861 many of the farms were purchased by their tenants, many then in turn acquired by Oxford University.

On 21 Sep 1859 Charles married Ellen Kent (1831- ) from Monmouth at St George’s C of E Church, Brandon Hill, Bristol.

In the 1871 Census the family lived at 8 Albert St, St George, Bristol, with Charles indicated as a miller. He is shown as 30 yrs old (probably actually 33), he was living with his wife Ellen (39), and three of their seven children – Ellen (10), Louisa (3) and Joseph (1) – Mary Ann and Charles had both died in infancy.

In 1881 they lived at 17 Alexandra Buildings, Weston, Bath, Somerset. Charles is shown as 43, and a general labourer, Ellen is 50, and Joseph (11) is still at home. They have taken in boarders, Ellen Weare, a 31 yr old dressmaker, with her son (7) and daughter (5).

By the 1891 Census – Charles (52) is an agricultural labourer and the household includes his wife, Ellen (58), Louisa (23) is a laundress, and Bertie (3) their grandson (Louisa’s child). They were living at 51 High Street, Weston, Frome, Somerset.


GGF3 – William Crane 1792-1856

William was born in Chedzoy, Somerset in Dec 1792. His parents were GGF4 – Joel Crane and Hannah Hill, both also of Chedzoy.

William married Mary Lock on 30 Mar 1821 they had one child Anna born 1824 – it is unclear if she survived infancy.

He remarried Elizabeth Ashill (twenty years younger than Mary) on 6 Sep 1831, she would deliver them fourteen children.

The 1841 Census shows William as a Farmer at Chedzoy, aged 45, his wife Elizabeth is 30, and they have six children (from 10 to 2 years old). Three others are listed in the census as living with them, two are male aged 20 and 15, one female, aged 15 – presumably these are labourers mentioned in 1851 census.

The 1851 Census shows William at 57 as a farmer of beef cattle, who employs three labourers. His wife Elizabeth is 41 and they have eleven children at home aged between 18 and 1 year old.

William died in Apr 1856 at Chedzoy, Somerset.


GGF4 – Joel Crane 1748-1830

Joel was born 3 Dec 1748 at Chedzoy, Somerset. His parents were Joseph Crane of Chedzoy and Honour Edwards of Woolavington Somerset.

He married Mary Hurman of Chedzoy on 1776 and they had two daughters, she died in 1781. He remarried Hannah Heal of Chedzoy in 28 Feb 1786, they had six children, five were sons.

Joel Crane described as a ‘yeoman’, made his will on 16 Jul 1829, it was witnessed by William and Joseph Crane – his sons, perhaps twins? It is held at swheritage.org.uk under reference DD/ED/1831/48.

Joel died on 9 Oct 1830 in Chedzoy.


GGF5 – Joseph Crane (IV) 1706-1772

Joseph (IV) was born and died in Chedzoy. He married Honour Edwards (1700-1779) from Woolavington in 1737 and they had two children Joel (1748-1830) and Thomas (1750-1816).

Joseph died on 29 Feb 1772.


GGF6 – Joseph Crane (III) 1669-1729

Joseph (III) was born and died in Chedzoy. He married Grace Craddock (1870-1729) from Castle Cary in 1695. They had eight children.


GGF7 – Joseph Crane (II) 1631-1671

Joseph (II) was born and died in Chedzoy. He married Elizabeth [Pinnock?] ( – 1692) and they had two children, Joane (1657-1710) and Joseph (III) (1669-1729).


GGF8 – Joseph Crane (I) 1592-1675

Joseph was born in Chedzoy, but apparently died in Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk in 1675. He married Ann Gatcomb of Chedzoy abt 1623 and they had nine children.


GGF9 – Richard Crane (?)

We have found one, as yet unconfirmed, reference to Joseph (I)’s father – he may have been the Richard who married Wilmott Torrye in 1588 at Chedzoy. Richard may also have had another son Symon, who married Joanne Babb in Chedzoy on 27 Sep 1627.

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