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Artificial Intelligence, AI, is currently promoted as a panacea, or else it is forecast as a peril, currently there appears to be no middle ground.  This thriller’s backcloth explores how much of AI, today, is fact, and how much is fable? It is science-fiction books and movies usually suggest it will all end in some sort of dystopian future.

These fears are levelled at ASI, which describes a system that is sapient and/or sentient, one able to interact directly with its environment, one able to experience and process feelings and emotions – but this has yet to be realised! ASI, or super AI, implies a system more capable than a human, super-human. ASI does not exist today.

Current applications are about ANI, narrow or weak AI, usually focused on a single task. It is mere data mining, and represents most of our current level of competence.

The next level is AGI, or general AI. It has multiple applicationsand seeks to replicate human capabilities. For example, using apparently natural speech in a conversation or emulating writing styles to produce articles and scripts. These are currently quite limited and it may be that slavishly copying humans is not a good approach!

Artifice features a company aspiring to achieve ASI. It uses its current ANI skills for commercial and intrusive purposes based on Gig its founder’s detached approach. His prime investor, Adnan, an ex-Iraqi/Syrian warlord, then subverts this further to pursue revenge.

WWIII will result if a coalescing group can’t get the AI to appreciate empathy, right now!

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