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Violet Stiles (Allen)

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This is the next most important of the eight lineages, the one following Violet’s maiden name, Stiles. We were fortunate enough to trace this line back fourteen generations back to GGF11 Henrie Stiles, born in 1580.

A stile is, of course, a set of steps over a stone wall or wooden fence or hedgerow allowing people to traverse these, its steep design effectively preventing animals from crossing it. The surname derives from the Old English ‘stigol’, meaning ‘steep ascent’, and was used to refer to a ‘dweller by the stile‘.

The surname Stiles was first found in Bedfordshire in the kingdom of Mercia, where the family held a family seat. The earliest known bearer of the name was Reginald atte Stighel, who was recorded in the Assize Rolls of 1227. The Stiles family branched to other counties at an early date, also appearing in Somerset, where William de Stile and Osmund Atthe Stihele were living in 1229 and 1234 respectively, as well as in Sussex, where William ate Stegel was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of 1296. The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 included: Richard de la Style, Bedfordshire; John atte Stile, Oxfordshire; and Robert ate Stiele, Oxfordshire.

Variant spellings include Stiles, Styles, Styals, Style, Stoyle, Steggle, Steagall, Steggal…


Jane Alison (Allen) Denton – 1948
– Bristol, England
married 2 Nov 1968 Tyndale Baptist, Bristol

F – Ivanhoe Wilfred Allen 1919 – 1996
– Bath, Somerset

M – Violet Evelyn Eileen Stiles 1921-2012
– Chew Magna/Pensford, Somerset
married 5 Sep 1942 at Bristol
Jane Alison Allen (Denton)

GF – Albert Stiles 1889-1952 – see more below
– Weston, Bath, Somerset
First wife – ?

GM – Adeline Violet Hillier 1897-1982
– Shepton Mallet, Somerset
married Dec 1919 at Bath, Somerset
Albert ‘Bert’ Stiles, later Styles 1917-

M – Violet Evelyn Eileen Stiles 1921-2012

GGF1 – Albert Richard Stiles 1862-1950
– aka ‘Richard’ – see below
– Bratton, Westbury, Wiltshire

GGM1 – First wife?

GGM1 – Louisa Emma Crane 1869-1932
– Clifton, Bristol
married 3 Sep 1893 Weston All Saints, Bath, Somerset
GF – Albert Stiles 1888-1952

Amy Louisa Stiles 1893-1985
Ellen Kate Stiles 1895-1895
Richard Henry Stiles 1896-1982
Lily Maud Stiles 1898-
Ernest Victor Stiles 1901-1982
Alice May Stiles 1903-1982
Elsie Louise Stiles 1905-1990
Doris Violet Stiles 1907-
Flossie Ivy Stiles 1908-
GGF2 – Henry Stiles (III) 1835-1924 – see below
– born Bratton, Westbury, Wiltshire
GGM2 – Eliza Rose 1839-1891
– Broughton Gifford, Melksham, Wiltshire
married 7 Jun 1860 at Broughton Gifford, Wilts
Frank (Francis) Stiles 1861-1933
GGF1 – Albert Richard Stiles 1862-1950
Catherine Mary Stiles 1864-1950
Ernest John Stiles 1868-1869
Amy Rose Stiles 1870-1871
Amy Elizabeth Stiles 1873-1893
Henry ‘Harry Stiles’ 1877-1946
Ernest John Stiles 1881-1956
GGF3 – Henry Stiles (II) 1817-1892– see below
GGM3 – Jane McCann 1817-1898
– Walcot, Bath, Somerset
married 1833,
Samuel Stiles 1834-1924
GGF2 – Henry Stiles (III) 1835-1868
Phillis Anne Stiles 1838-1928
Walter Stiles 1840-
Edward Stiles 1841-
Elizabeth Stiles 1843-1899
Mary A Stiles 1843-
Jane Stiles 1845-
Sarah Stiles 1851-
GGF4 – William Stiles (III) 1788-1873 – see below
– Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire, England
GGM4 – Elizabeth Pollington 1785-1867
– Winchcomb, Gloucestershire, England
married 1812, ?
Elizabeth Stiles 1813-1881
Marianne Stiles 1815-
GGF3 – Henry Stiles (IV) 1817-1892
Harriet Stiles, 1818-1882
Ruth Stiles, 1819-1885
Martha Stiles 1820-1881
Sarah Stiles 1823-1839
Charlotte Stiles 1826-1892
Ellen Stiles 1832-1840
Fanny Stiles 1834-1868
Esther Stiles 1840-1877
GGF5 – William Stiles (II) 1765-1845 – see below
– Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire, England
GGM5 – Susannah C Godson 1761-1846
– Eatington, Warwickshire, England
married 3 Apr 1782 Halford, Warwickshire
GGF4 – William Stiles (III) 1788-1873
Joseph Hal Stiles 1790-
Susanna Stiles 1792-1874
Elizabeth Stiles ?-1812
GGF6 – Thomas Stiles (II) 1728-
– Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire, England
GGM6 – Jane Sad 1730-
– Cherhill, Wiltshire, England
married ?
GGF5 – William Stiles (II) 1765-1845
GGF7 – Thomas Stiles (I) 1686-1743 – see below
– St Mary, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GGM7 – Susan Vinck

married 1713, Surrey, England
GGF6 – Thomas Stiles (II) 1728-
GGF8 – William Stiles (I) 1666-1701 – see below
Highworth, Wiltshire, England
GGM8 – Elizabeth Robinson 1670-

GGF7 – Thomas Stiles (I) 1686-1743
William Stiles 1695-1779
GGF9 – Tobias Stiles 1639-1715 – see below
– Westrop, Highworth, Wiltshire, England
GGM9 – Joane Hunt 1638-1704
– Lambourne, Berkshire, England
marriage 1663
Joanne Stiles (1664–1704)
GGF8 – William Stiles (I) 1666-1701
Martha Stiles (1669–1720)
Henry Stiles (1671–1726)
William Stiles (1671–)
Margery Stiles (1673–1720)
Tobias Stiles (1676–1740)
GGF10 – Henry Stiles (II) 1605-1671 – see below
– Highworth, Wiltshire, England
GGM10 – Margerie Rose 1605-1654

married 1628
Bridgit Stiles 1629-
Marie Stiles 1631-1644
Henry Stiles 1633-1671
Catherine Stiles 1637-
GGF9 – Tobias Stiles 1639-1715
Richard Stiles 1642
GGF11 – Henry (I) or Henrie Stiles – abt 1580-
– see below

GGF10 – Henry Stiles (II) 1605-1671


GF_ Albert Styles 1889-1952

GF_ Albert Styles 1889-1952

Albert was born on 1 Jul 1889 in Weston, Bath. He was the eldest child of Albert Richard Stiles (1862-1950) and Louisa Emma Crane (1869-1932). However, they did not marry until 3 Sep 1893 and so we have to query if Albert was born to another mother, or whether he was born out of wedlock to Louisa at nineteen years-of-age.

Albert went on to create his own mystery too, because he had a wife (no data found), with whom he had a son, Albert Stiles, known as ‘Bert’.

Bert Styles

Bert’s records are enigmatic too. He first married someone called Wilhelmina or Wilhelmtina. He later divorced or was widowed, and married Maude (?) who had been married before to someone called Goddard. In this first relationship she had had a daughter, Linda Goddard. Albert remarried Linda, they themselves had no issue, but raised Linda. ‘Bert’, later altered his surname to Styles, thinking this looked better, when he moved close to Epping Forest, living at Hutton, Brentwood, Essex and working for W&C French Engineering. When he retired he moved with Linda to Bradford-on-Tone, Wellington, Somerset.

Later, Albert (the father) married Adeline Violet Hillier (1897-1982) and they had a daughter Violet Evelyn Eileen Stiles (1921-2012) – Jane‘s mother.

By 1939 Albert (50 years old) was working as a gardener and living at 7 Lower Redland Road, Bristol with Adeline (42), shown as an unpaid domestic worker, and Violet (18), a Printing Machine Assistant wotking at Mardon, Son & Hall. The family recalls that Adeline served as a ‘clippy’ or omnibus ticket operative in WW1, and later had several spells as a dinner lady at schools. Adeline was called ‘Gran Addy’ by our children.

Albert holding granddaughter Jane
Albert Stiles pedigree
Albert’s Local Newspaper obits

GGF1- Albert Richard Styles

GGF1- Albert Richard Styles 1862-1950

Albert Richard Stiles, aka Richard Stiles, was born on 17 Apr 1862 at Bratton, Westbury Wiltshire, his parents were Henry (III) and Eliza (nee Rose). Eliza was born in Broughton Gifford, just outside Melksham Wiltshire and ten miles north of Bratton.

Albert Richard married Louisa Emma Crane on 3 Sep 1893, which does present something of a problem because his first son, Albert Stiles was born on 1 Jul 1889. So was there a first wife? Or was he born out of wedlock? Certainly his mother was twenty when he was born, so should we question the birthdate or the marriage date?

His father, Henry, was a market gardener and, on the 1881 Census, ‘Richard’ is shown as an 18-year-old gardener, they lived at Midridge Garden in Weston, Bath.

Weston Village, Bath

23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath,
#23 is the near end of the terrace
Weston Village, Bath

By the 1911 Census Richard was 49 with his own family at 23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath. He lived there with wife Louisa Emma Crane who was identified as a laundry maid, he as a ‘gardener for a gentleman family’. His wife is shown as having borne nine children, Ellen Kate had died in infancy, and Amy Louisa at 17 was entered on the form and crossed out as she was not at home on census day (see below). They therefore had seven children living with them – Richard Henry 14, Lily Maud 13, Ernest 10, Alice 8, Elsie 5, Doris Violet 4 and Flossie Ivy just 3 years old. As the table below shows, they were not very fruitful in terms of issue, presumably this was a WW1 impact?

Amy Louisa Stiles 1893-1985 – more belowno husband or issue
Ellen Kate Stiles 1895-1895died in infancy
Richard Henry Stiles 1896-1982 – more below
Ethel Moore 1898-1983
married 1932
no data on issue
Lily Maud Stiles 1898-no data on marriage or issue
Ernest Victor Stiles 1901-1982 – more below
Lilian M Jenkins 1903-1940
married 1924

Dorothy M Davis (or Lewis)
married Oct 1946
Elsie M Stiles 1928-2000
Alice May Stiles 1903-1982no data on marriage or issue
Elsie Louise Stiles 1905-1990
Edgar John Holbrow 1909-1945
married 1933

Gordon Albert Townley
married 1949
Graham J Holbrow 1935-1942
Doris Violet Stiles 1907-no data on marriage or issue
Flossie Ivy Stiles 1908-
David Henry Symonds 1908-1987
married Oct 1930, Bath
no data on issue

Albert Richard and Louisa: several of their children in more detail:

Amy Louisa Stiles (1893-1985) – Jane’s Grand Aunt

Amy had a long life. The 1911 Census for the family, shows her filled in on the form but then crossed through. She is however listed on the census retrun as a patient at the ‘Hospital for Women’, aka the ‘Lock Hospital’, aka ‘Bristol Voluntary Lock Hospital’ at 87 Ashley Road in Bristol. That crossing out is suggestive that her admission may have been taking place as the census was being taken. She was one of thirteen young female patients attended by a Nurse Matron, an Assistant Matron and a Domestic Servant. Amy was just 16, the others ranged from 14 to 21.

At earlier dates this facility was described as a hospital for ‘fallen women’, and focused on the treatment of venereal diseases. But in Amy’s case it appears that her admission was more about its latter purpose, providing sheltered accommodation for the mentally ill. These hospitals were established from 1747, in London, to1870, in Bristol, their patient capacities were small – London 36, Dublin 75, Glasgow 60, Manchester 20, LIverpool 25 and just 16 in Bristol.

A feminist campaign of the 1870s and 1880s against the Contagious Diseases Acts originally prompted the foundation of he Bristol Lock Hospital, the only hospital that received women when they were suffering from diseases incident to an immoral life. They received the ‘best medical care and most kind and skilled nursing’ and were placed in a ‘healthful moral condition’. Some accounts of girls admitted to Lock Hospitals can be found here.

Next door to the Bristol hospital appears to be connected, it was home to Dr Walter R D Hawkins, 85 Ashley Road, Bristol, the Doctor lived in this 16-room home with his wife. He was 54, and was married to Emily Florence who was 34 – they had been married for just four years. He had a 28-year-old son, and two daughters 24 and 17 from a previous marriage. They had a cook, a parlour maid and a housemaid,

At 89 Ashley Road there was a Salvation Army Home that housed nine infants described as inmates. A separate census page lists eight Salvation Army officers, two workers, twenty-nine inmates (most under 25 years of age) and one boarder.

Today, 85-89 Ashley Road are squats, yet clearly they are still substantial buildings.

By 1939 Amy had been admitted as a patient at West End House, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, her entry showed the reason for admission as ‘Incapacitated’. This was a facility attached to the Workhouse that had opened in the 19th c.

In 1930. the workhouse became a mental hospital for females. It was originally called the West End House for Female Mental Defectives. Later it took both male and female mental patients and was renamed as the Norah Fry Hospital. Norah Lillian Fry was a member of a Bristol Quaker Fry family well known for its chocolate factory, J S.Fry & Sons. She was an advocate and campaigner for disabled children and those with learning difficulties and in 1918 had became the first female councillor in Somerset. Bristol University still operates the Norah Fry Centre for Disability Studies, memorialising Fry’s donation to the university to set up the Department of Mental Health.

West End House closed around 1990, just five years after Amy’s death, not quite making her 102nd birthday!


Richard Henry Styles 1896-1982 – Jane’s Grand Uncle

In the 1901 census the family was living at 23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath – the household consisted of father Richard a 35-year-old gardener, his wife Louisa 32, son Albert 14 and already a farm labourer, Richard Henry 4 and Lilly 3. In the 1911 census they were at the same address, but now the family living there was the two parents and seven children, Amy Louisa entered on the census and struck out as (see above) she was now living at the Bristol Lock Hospital in Bristol.

Richard served in WWI as a Driver with the Royal Engineers in the 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Service No 506437) and was discharged at the age of 22 on 4 Aug 1919, the papers denoting that he had a disability, though without any details provided.

In 1932 at the age of 36 he married Ethel Moore (aged 34), there is no record of any issue.


Ernest Victor Stiles 1901-1982 – Jane’s Grand Uncle

In a 1939 Census & Voter Lists, Ernest was living at 4 Cork Place, Bath.

4 Cork Place, Bath today

Ernest is shown in the census as the Business Manager of a Confectionery and Newsagents, his wife Lilian is shown as an unpaid doemstic worker, and they have one child Elsie M.

GGF2 – Henry Styles (III) (1835-1924)

Henry (III) was born in Sep 1835 at Cheverall in Wiltshire, the second son of Henry Stiles (1817-1892) and Jane MacCann of Walcot, Bath, 1817-1898 – they married in 1833. By 1841 the family lived in Bradford-upon-Avon in Wiltshire, but by 1851 moved into Westbury, Wiltshire.

Henry married Eliza Rose on 7 Jun 1860 at Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire. The 1861 Census shows Henry at 25 years old, an agricultural labourer, married to Eliza, 22, living with their first infant Frank at 39 Bratton Road, Westbury Wiltshire.

In 1871 they are still in Bratton, Westbury but Henry is shown as a ‘Land Holder’ at 36-years-old, Eliza is 31, Frank is 10 and listed as a labourer, now joined by Richard an 8 year-old scholar, Catherine (6) and Amy Rose (10 mths).

In 1881 Henry is a 46 year old Market Gardener living at Midridge Garden, Weston, Bath with Eliza (40), Frank is not listed, Richard is an 18-year-old gardener, Amy Rose has died, Amy Elizabeth is 7, Henry (Harry) is 3.

There is actually an interesting seven-page census return showing all the residents of Weston Parish, (part of Weston) and Langridge Parish, showing a total of 31 residences and 119 people living in them. These include four farms and an Inn, each employs servants (several are children of the other locals, including Francis Stiles). Five of the households are headed by a market gardener (including Henry Stiles), Three by gardeners and one by a nurseryman. Others in this community include a bailiff, a knackerman (he slaughtered horses and hogs), a shepherd, a carter, a bootmaker and an agricultrual salesman. Almost all ome originally from the local area, hough one wife is from Devon. Many of the wives and older daughters are shown as laundresses, one was a dressmaker.

In 1891 Henry is still at Midridge Garden, he is a 54-year-old gardener. Eliza is shown as 51, Amy at 16, Harry is 14, Earnest is 10 – none are shown with an occupation.

I did find a Criminal Registry entry for 5 Aug 1854 on another family trees, it was in Wiltshire when a Henry Stiles was imprisoned for his offence. If it is this Henry then he was nineteen and single.

Several family trees insist that Henry Stiles died in Dungog in New South Wales in 1924, but I think this is in error as we have him in census records from 1841-1891, either in Westbury Wiltshire, or Weston, Bath Somerset – so until he was 56 years old. Despite one showing him emigrating via Southampton, and another showing him in New York in 1849, I feel this is just too unlikely.

GGF3 – Henry Stiles (II) 1817-1892

Henry (II) was born in May 1817 in Bristol, England. His parents were William Stiles (1788-1873) and Elizabeth Pollington (1783-1867)

He married GGM3 – Jane MacCann (1812-1898) in 1833.

In 1841 they lived in Carlham Court, Temple, Bristol – Henry shown a 25-year old painter, Jane was 30 – with three children Samuel 7, Phyllis 5 and Edward 1 – thus we conclude Walter died in infancy.

In 1851 they ived at 44 Guinea St, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Henry is 36 and still a painter – Samuel and Henry have left home, Phyllis is a 14-year-old scholar, Edward is 10, Elizabeth 8, Jane is 6, Sarah not yet born.

In 1861 they lived at 5 Cumberland Place, Bristol – Henry’s occupation is almost illegible but robably meant o say painter, he lives with Jane, Samuel is shown to be a 20-year-old printer (surely 27?), and Jane is 16 – no other children are listed.

By 1871 Henry and Jane are living alone at 57 Essex Street, Bedminster, Bristol – he is still shown as a painter.

By 1881 and in their 50s, Henry, still a painter, and Jane have moved to 71 Essex Street, but now have 12-year old scholar Emily Dyer, Henry’s niece, is living with them – and sharing the address with another family.

In 1891 the couple are living alone at 6 Leicester Street, Bedminster, Bristol – he is now shown as a painter and letter-writer (Sign-writer?).

In all they had nine children:

Samuel Stiles 1834-1924no data on marriage or issue – though On Ancestry this Samuel is regularly confused with another born in 1835 in Sussex and who emigrated to Australia
GGF2 – Henry Stiles (III) 1835-1868
Eliza Rose ((1840-1891)
married 1860
Frank (Francis) (1861–1933)
GGF1 – Albert Richard (1862–1950)
Catherine Mary (1864–1950)
Ernest John (1868–1869)
Amy Rose (1870–1871)
Amy Eliza (1873–1893)
Harry (1877–1946)
Ernest John (1881–1956)
Phyllis Anne Stiles 1838-1928
George Young (1839-1924)
married 1859
Henry Edward Young (1860–1923)
Elizabeth Young (1863–)
Eleanor Young (1864–)
Emily Eva Young (1867–1892)
George Young (1868–)
Phyllis (I) Young (1869–1870)
Walter James Young (1872–1957)
Phyliis Anne Young (1874–1874)
Samuel Young (1875–1964)
Mary Ann Young (1877–)
Phyllis (II) Young (1879–1958)
Walter Stiles 1840-no data on marriage or issue, died in infancy?
Edward Stiles 1841-no data on marriage or issue
Elizabeth Stiles 1843-1899
John Dyer (1846-1907)
married 1867
Emily Dyer (1868–1932)
Edward Henry Dyer (1869–1948)
Catherine Dyer (1871–1932)
Elizabeth Dyer (1873–1898)
Susan Dyer (1874–1875)
Jane Dyer (1877–1941)
Harriett Dyer (1879–1950)
John Dyer (1879–)
Rose Kathleen Dyer (1881–1882)
Eleanor Dyer (1886–1887)
Mary A Stiles 1843-no data on marriage or issue
Jane Stiles 1844-no data on marriage or issue
Sarah Stiles 1851-no data on marriage or issue

One family tree records that Henry (II) died, or was incapacitated by a stroke. He died on 21 Mar 1892 at 6 Leicester Street, Bedminster, Bristol.

GGF4 – William Stiles (III) 1788-1853

William was born either in Campden, Gloucestershire in 1788, or in Halford, Warwickshire

1841 Census – William, is 30, an agricultural labourer is living in Brattion, Wiltshire with his 25-year-old wife GGM4 – Mary with three children Henry 6, George 4, William 2.

In 1851 he is still in Bratton, still an agricultural labourer, but now with six children Henry 15, George 14 and William 11 are also listed as labourers. Richard 7 is shown as a scholar, Martha 4, and Mary 3 are merely listed.

In total they had eleven children:

Elizabeth Stiles (1813–1881)
Moses Hilder (1808-1868)
married 1833
Mary Ann Charlotte Hilder (1834-1887)
Charles Hilder (1838-1884)
Amelia Hilder (1841-1929)
Harriet Hilder (1842-1894)
Jane Hilder (1844-1925)
Charlotte Hilder (1848-1913)
William Hilder (1850-1878)
Elizabeth Annie Hilder (1852-1900)
James Hilder (1854-1855)
George Hilder (1856-1856)
Marianne Stiles (1815–)
James Styles (1814-)
Delilah Styles (1839-)
GGF3 – Henry Stiles (II) (1817–1892)
GGM3 – Jane McCann (1817-1898)
married 1833
Samuel Stiles (1834–1924)
GGF2 – Henry Stiles (1835–1924)
Phillis Anne Stiles (1838–1928)
Walter Stiles (1840–)
Edward Stiles (1841–)
Elizabeth Stiles (1842–1911)
Mary A Stiles (1843–)
Jane Stiles (1844–)
Sarah Stiles (1851–)
Harriet Stiles (1818–1882)
Alfred Baldock
married 1848

Owen Martin Kumfer (1816-1895)
married 1878 in Allen County, Indiana, USA
Charlotte Baldock (1849–1888)
William Robert Baldock (1855–1922)
Mary E Baldock (1857–1933)
Lydia Baldock (1862–1949)

Benjamin Kumfer (1891-)
Mary Elizabeth Kumfer (?-)
Ruth Stiles (1819–1885)
George Hayward (1815-1891)
married 1837
no data on issue
Martha Stiles (1820–1881)
James Peters (1815-1899)
married 1839
Emma Peters (1840-1922)
James Peters (1841-1921)
Elizabeth Peters (1843-)
Mary Ann Peters (1845-1898)
Charlotte Peters (1846-1898)
William Peters (1848-1920)
Keziah Peters (1850-1875)
Martha Jane Peters (1851-1886)
Sarah Selina (1852-1924)
Anna or Hannah Louise Peters (1854-1922)
Charles Frederick Peters (1858-1943)
Henry John Stephen Peters (1860-1935)
Edward Peters (1864-1943)
Sarah Stiles (1823–1839)no data on marriage or issue
Charlotte Stiles (1826–1892)
Joseph Ballard Woodgate (1832-1906)
married 1852
[note: Fanny also married a Woodgate – below)
Harriet Woodgate (1853-1853)
Elizabeth Woodgate (1855-1928)
Walter Woodgate (1856-1856)
Caroline Woodgate (1858-1930)
Emma Woodgate (1863-1943)
William George Woodgate (1866-1935)
Ellen Stiles (1832–1840)died in the Union Workhoose at 8 yrs old

Fanny Stiles (1834–1868) born 19 Jul 1834 at Salehurst, Sussex, died Jan 1868 at Ticehurst, Sussex
Thomas Charles Woodgate (1830–1909)
married 1850 at Ticehurst, Sussex
Fanny is listed in England & Wales, Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Registers, having been baptised as a Wesleyan on 31 Aug 1834 – born on 19 Jul 1834.
Sarah Woodgate (1852-)
William Thomas Woodgate (1852-1924)
Ruth K Woodgate (1854-1941)
Eliza Woodgate (1856-1946)
John Woodgate (1865-)
Esther Stiles (1840–1877)no data on marriage or issue

Elizabeth Stiles was born on 4 May 1813 in Kent, married Moses Hilder in 1833. They had their first two children in Mountfield, Sussex. But they emigrated to Australia arriving on 10 Mar 1839, she 26 and he 31. It seems that they were aboard the ship ‘Susan’, captained by a Capt Neatby, it left Plymouth on 8 Dec 1838 bearing a total of 298 emigrants. [There were two ‘Susan’ ships plying the route, adding to confusion.]

They had a further eight children born in New South Wales Australia.

Elizabeth and Moses headstone

Moses died in Camden New South Wales on 7 Jun 1868 and Elizabeth died in Redfern, New South Wales on 11 Dec 1881. Their headstone says ‘Their toils are past, their work is done And they are fully blest They fought the fight, the victory won, And entered into rest.’

William Stiles (III) died in Salehurst, Sussex, England on 26 Feb 1853.

GGF5 – William Stiles (II) 1765-1845

William II was born in Chipping Camden, Glos on 29 Jul 1765, our search shows him as theonly child of Thomas Stiles (II) (1728- ) and Jane Sad (1730- ) of Cherhill, Wiltshire.

He married GGM5 – Susannah Constantine Godson on 3 Apr 1782 at Halford, Warwickshire, they had four children

GGF4 – William Stiles (III) 1788-1853
Elizabeth Pollington 1783–1867
married 1812
Elizabeth Stiles (1813–1881)
Marianne Stiles (1815–)
GGF – Henry Stiles (1817–1892)
Harriet Stiles (1818–1915)
Ruth Stiles (1819–1885)
Martha Stiles (1820–1881)
Sarah Stiles (1823–1839)
Charlotte Stiles (1826–1892)
Ellen Stiles (1832–1840)
Fanny Stiles (1834–1868)
Esther Stiles (1840–1877)
Joseph Hal Stiles 1790-
Mary ?
married bef 1826
Sarah Stiles (1826-1867)
Susanna Stiles 1792-1874
Joseph Webb 1790-1851
married 1812
Thomas Webb (1813–1900)
Elizabeth Webb (1816–1885)
Martha Webb (1817–1912)
John Webb (1819–)
William Webb (1821–)
George Webb (1824–)
Elizabeth Stiles ?-1812no data on marriage or issue

Joseph Hal was born in 1790 at Halford, Warwickshire and has vague marriage details and one child, Sarah.

Susanna was born in 1792 at Halford, Warwickshire, she married Joseph Webb in 1812 and they had sixchildren.

GGF6 – Thomas Stiles (II) 1728-

Thomas Stiles (II) was born in 1728 at Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire, England, the son of Thomas Stiles I and Susan Vinck.

He married GGM6 – Jane Sad (1730-). They had one child GGF 5 – William Stiles II.

GGF7 – Thomas Stiles (I) 1686-1743

Thomas Stiles (I) was born on 27 May 1686 at St Mary, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, the only child of William Stiles (I) (1666-1701) and Elizabeth Robinson (1670- ).

He married GGM7 – Susan Vinck on 23 Jun 1713 in Surrey, they had one child Thomas II.

GGF8 – William Stiles (I) 1666-1701

High St, Highworth, Wiltshire

William Stiles (I) was born in 1666 at Highworth, Wiltshire, He was the elder (of two) sons to Tobias Stiles (1639-1715) and Joane Hunt (1638-1704).

He married Elizabeth Robinson (1670- ) in 1694 at St Michaels, Highworth.

William died in Wiltshire and was buried on 4 Jun 1701.

St Michaels, Highworth

GGF9 – Tobias Stiles 1639-1715

Tobias was born on 1 Mar 1639 at Westrop, Highworth, Wiltshire, England.

He married Joane Hunt in 1663 and they had six children:

Joane Stiles 1664-1704
Timothy Moulden 1638-1704
married 1684
Martha Moulden (1685–1719)
Thomas Moulden (1690–1772)
Timothy Moulden (1692–)
Joane Moulden (1695–)
Margaret Moulden (1697–)
Henry Moulden (1700–)
Rachel Moulden (1704–1704)
GGF8 – William Stiles 1666-1701
GGM8 – Elizabeth Robinson (1670- )
married in 1694
GGF7 – Thomas Stiles 1686-1743
William Stiles 1695-1779
Martha Stiles 1669-1720no data on marriage or issue
Henry Stiles 1671-1726
Elizabeth Dyer ?-1728
married 1703
Henry Styles 1705-
William Stiles 1710-
John Stiles 1715-
Martha Stiles 1719-
Margery Stiles 1673-1720
Richard Smith 1670-
married 1703
Anne Smith 1702-
Joane Smith 1704-
Tobias Stiles 1676-1740
Margaret Townsend 1690-1731
married 1707
Toby Stiles 1708-1787
Martha Stiles 1710-1712
William Stiles 1711-1747
Francis Stiles 1715-1766
Mary Stiles 1716-1793
Sarah Stiles 1720-1791
Samuel Stiles 1722-1737
Henry Stiles 1725-

GGF10 – Henry Stiles (II) 1605-1671

Henry Styles (II) was born in 1605 at Highworth, Wiltshire, the only son of Henry (I) and an unknown mother, and we could not establish his wife’s details.

Highworth has a strategic position on a hill above the Upper Thames has bee occupied almost continuously for 7,000 years, its layout is medieval. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book as ‘Wrde’, which derives from the Old English word ‘worth’ meaning enclosure. The prefix ‘High’ was not added until around 1200 CE when it was granted a charter for its market, still held weekly.

Highworth Church still shows cannonball damage

In this GGF10’s time, Highworth was a Royalist stronghold in the English Civil War, but on 17 June 1645, just days after th battle of Naseby, Sir Thomas Fairfax captured it and Parliamentarian troops (the New Model Army) were garrisoned at Highworth Chucrh until October the next year. This occupation coincided with a severe outbreak of plague.

Henry had six children:

Bridgit Stiles 1629-
Edward Jacob 1625-1670
married 1654
Margret Jacob 1656-
Kathrine Jacob 1658-
Edward Jacob 1661-
Joane Jacob 1664-
Isaac Jacob 1668-
Marie Stiles 1631-1644no data on marriage or issue
Henry Stiles 1633-1671no data on marriage or issue
Catherine Stiles 1637-no data on marriage or issue
GGF9 – Tobias Stiles 1639-1715
GGM9 –
married 1628
Joane Stiles (1664–1704)
GGF7 – William Stiles (1666–1701)
Martha Stiles (1669–1720)
Henry Stiles (1671–1726)
Margery Stiles (1673–1720)
Tobias Stiles (1676–1740)
Richard Stiles 1642-

GGF11 – Henry (I) or Henrie Stiles – abt 1580-

Henry (I) was born in Highworth, Wiltshire, England in c1580 – we found little data bout him, other than his marriage to Margerie (or Marjorie) Rose (1605-1654) and their son GGF10 – Henry (II).

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