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Index of the Major Exhibitions 1761-1859

1861, Florence, ITNational Exhibition of Agricultural and Industrial Products and Fine Arts
1861, Haarlem, NLNational Exhibition of Industry and Art of the Dutch
1861, Melbourne, AUVictorian Exhibition
1861, Metz, FRExposition Universelle
1861, St Petersburg, RUAll-Russian industrial (manufactory) exhibitions
1862, Bologna, ITInternational Exhibition
1862, London, UKInternational Exhibition of Industries and Art
1863, Hamburg, DEInternational Agricultural Exhibition
1863, Istanbul, TROttoman General Exposition
1864, Amsterdam, NLIndustrial Exhibition
1864, Bayonne, FRFranco-Spanish Exposition
1864, Calcutta, INFirst Bengal Agricultural Exhibition
1864, London, UKWorking-class Industrial Exhibitions. North London
1864, Lucknow, INOudh Industrial Exhibition
1864, Philadelphia, USThe Great Central (or Sanitary) Fair
1864, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (4th)
1865, Birmingham, UKBirmingham & Midland Counties Industrial Exhibition
1865, Cologne, DEInternational Agricultural Exhibition
1865, Dublin, IEInternational Exhibition of Arts and Manufacture
1865, Dunedin, NZNew Zealand Exposition
1865, Moscow, RUAll-Russian industrial (manufactory) exhibitions
1865, Porto, PTExposição Internacional do Porto
1865, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (5th)
1865, Vienna, ATWeltausstellung (World’s Fair)
1866, Amsterdam, NLNational Exhibition
1866, Hamburg, DEIndustrial Exhibition
1866, Melbourne, AUIntercolonial Exhibition
1866, Stockholm, SEScandinavian Industrial Exhibition
1866, York, UKYorkshire Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition
1867, Paris, FRExposition Universelle
1868, Le Havre, FRMaritime Exposition
1868, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (6th)
1869, Amsterdam, NLInternational Exhibition of Domestic Economy
1869, Boston, USExhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association (11th)
1869, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (7th)
1870, St Petersburg, RUAll-Russian industrial and Art exhibition
1870, Sydney, AUIntercolonial Exhibition
1871, Cordoba, ARExposición Nacional
1871, Lima, PELima International Exhibition
1871, London, UKInternational Exhibition of Arts and Industries
1871, Milan, ITMilan Industrial Exposition
1871, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (8th)
1872, Copenhagen, DKSecond Scandinavian Exhibition of Arts and Industry
1872, Dublin, IEDublin Exhibition of Arts, Industries and Manufactures, and Loan Museum Works of Art
1872, Kyoto, JPExhibition of Arts and Manufactures
1872, London, UKInternational Exhibition of Arts and Industries
1872, London, UKInternational Fishing Exhibition
1872, Lyons, FRExposition Universelle et Internationale
1872, Melbourne AUVictorian Exhibition
1872, Moscow, RUPolytechnic Exhibition
1872, Naples, ITShip Exhibition
1873, Berlin, DEInternational Fishing Exhibition
1873, London, UKInternational Exhibition of Arts and Industries
1873, New York, USNew York Industrial Exhibition
1873, Vienna, ATWeltaustellung (World Exhibition)
1874, Cincinnati, USIndustrial Exposition
1874, Dublin, UKInternational Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures
1874, Florence, ITIndustrial Exhibition
1874, London, UKInternational Exhibition of Arts and Industries
1874, Marseilles, FRExhibition of Modern Inventions and Discoveries
1874, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute (9th)
1875, Melbourne, AUVictorian Intercolonial Exhibition
1875, Nizhni Novgorod, RSNizhni Novgorod Fair
1875, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition (10th) Mechanics Institute
1875, Santiago, CLChilean International Exhibition
1875, Sydney, AUIntercolonial Exhibition
1876, Brisbane, AUIntercolonial Exhibition
1876, Brussels, BEExposition Internationale
1876, Helsinki, FLFinnish General Exhibition
1876, Madrid, ESPermanent Maritime-Industrial Exhibition (products related to ship construction)
1876, Philadelphia, USUS Centennial  International Exposition
1877, Cape Town, ZASouth African International Exhibition
1877, Madrid, ESExhibition of Viniculture Products, Machines, Apparatus, Tools and Utensils for Vinification
1877, Tokyo, JPFirst National Industrial Exhibition
1878, Paris, FRExposition Universelle (3rd) – Exhibition of the Works of Art and Industry of all Nations
1879, Arnhem, NLNational Exhibition of Dutch and Colonial Industry
1879, Berlin, DEBerlin Industrial Exposition
1879, Ottawa, CADominion Exhibition
1879, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition (14th) Mechanics Institute
1879, Sydney, AUInternational Exhibition (Garden Palace Exh?)
1880, Berlin, DEInternational Fishing Exhibition
1880, Cincinnati, USIndustrial Exposition
1880, Dusseldorf, DEIndustry and Art Exhibition
1880, London, UKInt’l Agric’l (at Kilburn?)
1880, Melbourne, AUInternational Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Agricultural and Industrial Products of all Nations
1880, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition (15th) Mechanics Institute
1881, Adelaide, AUColonial Exhibition
1881, Atlanta, USInternational Cotton Exposition
1881, Budapest, HUOrszágos Nőipari Kiállitás
1881, Christchurch, NZColonial Exhibition
1881, London, UKExhibition of Domestic Labour-Saving Devices
1881, Milan, ITMilan Industrial Exposition
1881, Milwaukee, USMilwaukee Industrial Exposition?
1881, Paris, FRInternational Exposition of Electricity
1881, Perth, AUColonial Exhibition
1881, Tokyo, JPSecond National Industrial Exhibition
1882, Buenos Aires, ARExposición Continental Sud-Americana
1882, Dublin, IENational Exhibition of Irish Manufactures
1882, Edinburgh, UKInternational Fishing Exhibition
1882, Lille, FRInternational Exposition of Industrial Art
1882, London, UKCrystal Palace Electric
1882, Moscow, RUAll-Russian industrial (manufactory) exhibitions
1882, Munich, DEInternational Electrical Exhibition
1882, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition (17th) Mechanics Institute
1882, Trieste, ITIndustrial Exhibition
1883, Amsterdam, NLInternational Colonial and Export Exhibition
1883, Boston, USAmerican Exhibition of the Products and Manufacturers of Foreign Nations
1883, Calcutta, INInternational Exposition
1883, Cork, IRCork Industrial Exhibition
1883, London, UKInternational Fishing Exhibition
1883, Louisville, USSouthern Exposition
1883, Madrid, ESExposition of Mining and Metallurgical Arts, Ceramics, Crystas and Minerals
1883, New York City, USWorld’s Fair (never held!)
1884, Calcutta, INCalcutta International Exhibition
1884, Cincinnati, USIndustrial Exposition
1884, London, UKLondon International Health Exhibition
1884, Melbourne, AUVictorian International Exhibition
1884, New Orleans, USWorld’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, The
1884, Nice, FRInternational Exposition
1884, Turin, ITItalian General Art & Industrial Exhibition (Esposizione Generale Italiana)
1884, Vienna, ATInternational Exhibition of Motors and Implementary Machinery
1885, Antwerp, BEExposition Universelle d’Anvers
1885, Berlin, DEIndustrial Exhibition
1885, London, UKInternational Inventions Exhibition
1885, Melbourne, AUVictorians’ Jubilee Exhibition
1885, Port Elizabeth, ZASouth African Exhibition
1885, Wellington, NZNew Zealand Industrial Exhibition
1886, Birmingham, UKMade in Birmingham: Exhibition of Local Manufactures and Natural History
1886, Edinburgh, UKInternational Exhibition of of Electricity, Engineering, General Inventions and Industries
1886, Liverpool, UKInternational Exhibition of Navigation, Commerce and Industry
1886, London, UKColonial and Indian Exhibition
1886, Louisville, USSouthern Exposition
1886, San Francisco, USIndustrial Exhibition (21st) Mechanics Institute
1887, Adelaide, AUJubilee International Exhibition
1887, London, UKAmerican Exhibition 
1887, Manchester, UKRoyal Jubilee Exhibition
1887, Rome, ITEsposizione mondiale
1888, Barcelona, ESExposición Universal de Barcelona
1888, Brussels, BEGrand Concours International des Sciences et de l’Industrie
1888, Cincinatti, USCentennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley and Central States
1888, Copenhagen, DKScandinavian Art, Industrial, and Agricultural Exhibition
1888, Glasgow, UKInternational Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art
1888, Lisbon, PLExposição Industrial Portugueza
1888, Melbourne, AUCentennial  International Exhibition
1889, Buffalo, USInternational Industrial Fair
1889, Dunedin, NZNew Zealand and South Seas Exhibition
1889, Hamburg, DEExhibition of Trade and Industry
1889, Paris, FRExposition Universelle (4th)
1890, Tokyo, JPNational Industrial Exhibition (3rd)
1890, Bremen, DENord-West-Deutsche Gewerbe und Industrie-Ausstellung
1890, Edinburgh, UKInternational Exhibition of Science, Art & Industry
1891, Frankfurt, DEInternational Electro-Technical Exhibition
1891, Moscow, RUExposition française
1891, Prague, CZGeneral Land Centennial Exhibition
1891, Kingston, JAJamaica International Exhibition
1891, Launceston, AUTasmania International Exhibition
1892, Bologna, ITIndustrial Exhibition
1892, Genoa, ITEsposizione Italo-Americana
1892, Kimberley, ZASouth African and International Exhibition
1892, London, UKCrystal Palace Electrical Exhibition
1892-3, Madrid, ESColumbian Historical  Exposition (Exposicion Historica – Americana, and  Exposicion Historica – Europea)
1892, Washington DC, USExposition of the Three Americas (never held)
1893, New York City, USWorld’s Fair Prize Winners’ Exposition
1893, Chicago, USWorld’s Columbian Exposition
1894, Adelaide, AUColonial Exhibition
1894, Lyon, FRExposition internationale et coloniale
1894, San Francisco, USCalifornia Midwinter International Exposition
1894, Porto, PLExposição Insular e Colonial Portugueza
1894, Istanbul, TRIstanbul Agricultural and Industrial Exposition
1894, Antwerp, BEExposition International d’Anvers
1894, Hobart, AUTasmanian International Exhibition
1894, Manchester, UKBritish and Colonial Exhibition
1895, Prague, CZCzechoslavic Ethnographic Exhibition
1895, Amsterdam, NLVereniging ‘De Rijwiel-Industrie’
1895, Belfast, UKBelfast Art and Industrial Exhibition
1895, Bordeaux, FRBordeaux Exposition
1895, Atlanta, USCotton States and International Exposition
1895, Kyoto, JPFourth National Industrial Exhibition
1895, Venice, ITEsposizione biennale artistica nazionale (Biennial Art  Exhibition)
1896, London, UKRSA Summer Exhibition
1896, Budapest, HUHungarian Millenary Exhibition
1896, Berlin, DEGreat Industrial Exposition (Gewerbe-Ausstellung)
1896, Glasgow, UK“Burns Exhibition”
1896, Mexico City, MXInternational Exposition
1896, Nizhny Novgorod, RUPan Russian Exhibition
1896, Rouen, FRNational and Colonial Exposition
1897, Chicago, USIrish Fair
1897, New York, UAAmerican Institute Fair (last in series)
1897, Brisbane, AUQueensland International Exhibition
1897, Brussels, BEExposition Internationale de Bruxelles
1897, Stockholm, SEGeneral Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm
1897, Guatemala City, GUExposition Centroamericana
1897, Nashville, USTennessee Centennial and International Exposition
1898, Bergen, NOScandinavian Exhibition for Fishery, Cooling Facilities and Sea Rescue Equipment
1898, Omaha, USTrans-Mississippi International Exposition
1898, San Francisco, USCalifornia’s Golden Jubilee and Mining Fair
1898, Turin, ITEsposizione Generale Italiana
1898, Amsterdam, NLNational Exhibition of Women’s Labour
1898, Vienna, ATJubiläums-Ausstellung
1898, London, UKGreater Britain Exhibition
1899, Berlin, DEBerlin Secession Exhibition
1900, Adelaide, AUCentury Exhibition of Arts and Industries
1900, Paris, FRExposition Universelle
1900, New York, USHorseless Carriage Show
1901, Chicago, USPan-American Exposition
1901, London, UKMilitary Exhibition
1901, Buffalo, USPan-American Exposition
1901, Glasgow, UKInternational Exhibition
1901, Charleston, USSouth Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition
1901, Bologna, ITTrade Fair
1901, Calcutta,Indian International and Agricultural Exhibition
1902, Cork, IRCork  International Exhibition
1902, Turin, ITPrima Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna
1902, Hanoi, VNExposition de Hanoi
1903, London, UKInternational Fire Exhibition
1903, Osaka, JPFifth National Industrial Exhibition
1904, St Louis, USLouisiana Purchase Exposition
1905, London, UKNaval, Shipping and Fisheries Exhibition
1905, Geneva, CHFirst Geneva Motor Show
1905, Liège, BEExposition Universelle et Internationale de Liège
1905, Portland, USLewis & Clark Centennial Exposition
1906, Christchurch, NZNew Zealand International Exhibition
1906, London, UKImperial Austrian Exhibition
1906, Paris, FRParis Colonial Exhibition
1906, Milan, ITMilan International
1906, Marseille, FRMarseille Exposition Coloniale
1907, Detroit, USDetroit Auto Show
1907, Jameston, USJamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition
1907, Dublin, IRIrish International Exhibition
1907, Tokyo, JPTokyo Industrial Exhibition
1908, London, UKFranco-British Exhibition
1909, London, UKImperial International Exhibition
1909, Frankfurt, DEInternational Aviation Exhibition
1909, Seattle, USAlaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition
1909, Paris, FRExposition Internationale de l’Est de la France
1910, Nanking, CNNanking Exposition
1910, London, UKJapan-British Exhibition of 1910
1910, Brussels, BEExposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles
1911, Turin, ITEsposizione internazionale dell’industria e del lavoro
1911, London, UKFestival of Empire
1911, Rome, ITEsposizione internazionale d’arte)
1911, Berlin, DEGreat Berlin Art Exhibition
1913, Ghent, BEExposition universelle et internationale

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