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Thomas Allen was born on Christmas Day, 25 December 1828, in Bath, Somerset.

His father, Charles Allen (1806-1866), was 22 while his mother, Jane Gibbons (1802-1846), was 26. Thomas was the first child of three, his siblings were Charles (1832-) and Jane (1836-)

He married Caroline Baker (1830-1908) on 16 January 1848, two years after his mother had died at just 44. Caroline and Thomas had seven children across the next 22 years, the first being William Charles Allen (1851-1935), born at 36 Kingsmead Street in Bath, today the street has been truncated by Kingsmead Square car parking, [when we lived nearby. around the year 2000, this car park was well-know for being regularly terrorised by a diving seagull!]

There was a nine-year gap to their next child, Mary Jane (1860), I could not establish if there were other pregancies during this period. Mary Jane was followed by Henry (1862), James (1862) [twins?], James (1863) Louisa Matilda (1871) and Thomas Allen (1875-1954).


GGF1 – William Charles Allen (1851-1935)
Rebecca Culliford (1851-1918)
married 21 May 1971 at Widcombe Parish Church
Ada Louisa Allen (1871–1915)
William Charles Allen (1873–1938)
GF1 – Walter Thomas Allen (1877–1930)
Dennis Allen (1879–)
Henry F Allen (1879–1961)
Alfred A Allen (1880–1967)
Rebecca Allen (1882–)
Elizabeth Maggie Allen (1884–1961)
Reginald Herbert ‘Bertie’ Allen (1884–1957)
Caroline Louisa Allen (1888–1978)
Frank Allen (1889–1938)
Elsie Ellen Allen (1890–1992)
Katherine ‘Kate’ Allen (1892–1977)

Mary Jane Allen (1860-?)
John Daniell (1845-1904)
married in Oct 1884 at Marylebone
In 1881 she was shown as a servant living in the Herbert househlold at * Cunningham Place, Marylebone, London.

By 1891 she lived at 20 Brompton St, Marylebone, she had married John Daniell, a Gasfitter fifteen years her senior.

They had seven children:
Caroline Louisa M Daniell [Monteith] (1885-1960)
Rose J Daniell [Partridge] (1887-1967)
Henry Thomas Daniell (1888-1949)
Agnew Harriet (1893-1961)
John Nathaniel Daniell (1895-1964)
Ellen Elizabeth Daniell (1898-)
William Reuben Daniell (1900-)

In 1893 there was a Poor Law & Resettlement Record showing her at Poplar, London, England.

In 1901 she was living in as a cook for a Mrs C M Phillips at 280 Kennington Park Road.
Henry Allen (1862-1953)
Emily Maria Elkins (1869-1929)
married in 1890

Edith Lucy Louise Allen [Bowen] (1890-1968)
Dorothy Ernestine Allen [Eyers] (1891-1972)
Ernest George Allen (1894-1971)
Rennie Allen (1896-)
Jack Allen (1898-)
Alexander Stanley Allen (1902-1966)
George Arthur Allen (1904-1989)
Frederick Sydney Allen (1905-1961)
Henry Thomas Allen (1907-1970)
Richard Charles Allen (1908-1970)
James Allen (1863-)
James Allen (1868-)
Louisa Matilda Allen (1871-)

Thomas Allen (1873-1954)
Eliza Harris (1874-1954)
married in 1986 at Bath
Thomas Henry Allen (1898-1969)
William James Allen (1902-1967)
James Charles Allen (1907-1978)

Moving around Bath:

1841 Census

This show Thomas at 22 years-old and a painter living at 36 Kingsmead Street, Bath with his wife and nine-month old William Charles. The address also has a 33-year-old Smith nd his wife, a 48-year-old Painter and Joiner, with a wife shown as an Engraver and 32-year-old son who was a carpenter.

1851 Census

There is a Thomas Allen shown in the 1851 census of about the right age, This Thomas was living at 72 Marlborrough Lane, But he is married to a Sarah and shown as a servant. While Sarah was born in Bath, he is shown on the document as born in Bradford (-upon-Avon, Wiltshire). I have chosen to assume therefore that this is not this Thomas.

1861 Census

The 1861 Census shows Thomas living at 2 Hot Bath Street, in the St James area and located closse to the Pump Rooms. The house was a busy household with at least five family groups.

Thomas (then a 32 year-old porter) and Caroline, live with William Charles (an 8 year-old ‘scholar’) and Mary-Jane (at just one year). His 54-year-old widower father, Charles, lives with them and works as a labourer. They share the address with Nora Bell a 24-year-old-laundress; William Matthew (32 years old), his wife and daughter, he works as a coachsmith; a 35-year-old Musician Carl Zimmerman lives here with his wife and daugher; as does William Angel, a 54-year-old blacksmith, lives here with his Hereford-born wife and their seven daughters Louis at 23 is a staymaker, Ann at 19 is a dressmaker,the other five are of school age. So the address had twenty one residents.

This address appears to be set beside the United Hospital, as the previous four pages of the censue list its staff. The first hospital in Bath was opened in 1742, though it was called the Bath General Infirmary, it only treated the well-heeled visitors to the city’s baths. Residents created a Paupers Trust in 1747. Initially funded by a poetry competion among the great and good, these poems generated the first £10 of funding of the Paipers Trust.

Later, in 1826, the United Hospital derived from this initiative. In the early 1860s the hospital was being expanded with an ‘Albert Wing’ to commemorate the death of the Prince Consort, it was this that prompted Queen Vicotira to bestow the term ‘Royal’ and it became the Royal United Hospital.

1871 Census

This finds the family still in the St James Parish of Bath, but now at 9 Wine Street, Bath. Thomas at 42 is described as a Railway Porter. He lives with his wife Caroline, though William Charles has now left home, they still have Mary Jane, Henry, James (the second) and Louisa M all of school age or younger. They share the address with a 26-year-old dressmaker Caroline Harding. Today the street still exists as a narrow single-lane street (though two-way, which has mostly the rears of buildings backing on to it.

1881 Census

The next census shows the family has moved into the adjacent road, to 20 Corn Street, St James, Bath. He and his wife now 52 and 51, have two children remaning in their home Louisa Matilda (9) and Thomas (7), their father was still shown as a porter.

1891 Census

Shown as 62 and 61 the couple now have just 18-year-old Thomas living with them, They are still living at 21 Great Corn Street, not sure where the ‘Great’ came from, it was clearly the same house. But now as a multi-unit household. Two of the four households were of a 61 year-old and a 40-year old charwoman, the fourth unit consisted of a labourer, his wife, son and daughter.

Thomas died at the age of 71, in October 1900, and was buried on 3 Dec 1900 at Locksbrook Cemetery

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