Charles ALLEN – GGF3 – 1806-1886

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Charles Allen
Charles and Jane’s children
Charles and Liza’s children
Charles – moving around Bath


St Swithins, Paragon, Bath

Charles Allen was born on 18 May 1806, and was christened at St Swithins church in Walcot, Bath, Somerset.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born, to become a giant of the Industrial Revolution, designing and buiding the Great Western Railway and its associated engineering feats like Box Tunnel, he also created huge ironclad steam ships, and of course…

Brunel designed and part-built the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

Charles was married to Jane Gibbons (1802-1846) of Bath on Christmas Day, 25 Dec 1825 also at St Swithins church. They had three children and seven grandchildren.


GGF2 – Thomas (James) Allen (1828-1900)
Caroline Baker (1830-1908)
Married 1848

GGF1 – William Charles Allen (1851–1935)

Mary Jane Allen [Daniell] (1860–)
Henry Allen (1862–1953)
James Allen (1863–)
James Allen (1868–)
Louisa Matilda Allen [Hall] (1871–)
Thomas Allen (1873–1954)
Charles Allen (1832-)
m: Louisa ?
no data on issue
Jane Allen (1836-)


Charles later married Eliza ‘Liza’ Burgess (1822-?) in 1839, they had ten children and at least twenty-seven grandchildren.

George Allen (1840- )
James Allen (1841- )
Thomas Allen (1842- )
Charles Allen (1845-1916)
Selina Young (1843-1922)
married in 1865
Edward Allen (1867- )
Selina Allen (1870- )
Charles Allen (1971- )
Jane Allen (1874- )
Alfred Colston Allen (1880-1949)
Ada Eliza Allen (1884- )
Louisa Allen (1848- )
Margaret Alice Allen (1849-903)
Alexander Collyer/Collier (1845–1907)
Married 1869
Margaret Alice Collyer [Mead] (1871–1943)
Jane Ellen Louisa Collyer [Taylor] (1873–)
Henry Charles Collyer (1877–1933)
Stanley Collyer (1877–)
Emily Collyer [Courthold] (1880–1957)

Ethel Collyer [Billingsley] (1885–1981)
Harriet Allen (1852 – )
Sarah Allen (1854-1918)
Albert Edward Moss (1851- )
married 1877
Albert Edward Moss (1878–1923)
Thomas Moss (1880–1888)
Charles Moss (1884–)
George Jubilee Moss (1887–1887)
Jesse Moss (1888–1950)
Jane Allen (1856-1929)
Hans Jacob Kunst (1848-1933)

In 1871 Hans and Jane emigrated from Hamburg to Port of Wide Bay, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia aboard the Finnish barque Shakespeare.
married 1874 in Australia
Annie Elizabeth Kunst [James] (1876–1929)
Thomas Charles Kunst (1878–1880)
Catherine Margaret Kunst [Heidemann/Gilchrist/Whelan] (1881–1962)
Selina Kunst [Kenna] (1884–1945)
Jane Kunst [Bauer] (1886–1912)
George Kunst (1889–1970)
Charles Hans Kunst (1891–1967)
Thomas Henry Kunst (1893–1959)
Jacob Alexander Kunst (1895–1983)
Fritz Albert Kunst (1898–1902)
Thomas Allen (1860- )



1841 Census

Milk St Bath

Charles at 25 was living with his (recent) second wife, Eliza, and his six-month old son, George, at 22 Milk Street, Bath, he is described as a labourer.

This 1776 map of Bath shows a number of the Allen addresses, most close to the river Avon at the bottom of the city map (though no sign of New Court of the 1851 census below):

Bath Map 1776

1851 Census

Charles at 44 years-old is living at 8 New Court, Walcot, Bath with his two youngest children – Charles Jnr (18) a fishmonger, and Jane (16) a servant. This is confusing because above we have suggested he is already married to Eliza and they would have had six of their children – so it is difficult to rationalise this as either Charles Snr or Charles Jnr – but they are in Walcot and other data seems to work.

1861 Census

By 1861 Charles was living with his eldest son Thomas and Thomas’s family living at a mid-terrace house at 2 Hot Bath St in Bath (next to the Baths).

Hot Bath St, Bath

Charles was 54 and a labourer, Thomas (32, Porter) and Caroline (30) had William (8) and Mary (1) living with them. #2 had five families living there – the Allens, Nora Bell a 24-year old laundress, William Matthew, a coachsmith with his wife and daughter, Carl Zimmerman, a musician, with his wife and daughter, and William Angel, a blacksmith, with his wife and seven daughters (one a dressmaker, and one a staymaker) – that’s 20 residents!

1871 Census

Charles had married Eliza (52), they were living at 3 Woodbine Cottages,

Woodbine Cottages, Widcombe, Bath

They live there with Sarah (17), Jane (15) and Thomas (11). Charles is shown as a gardener, Eliza, Sarah and Jane are laundresses, Thomas is an Errand Boy. The census says Sarah was ‘cripple born’ (different times!). There is a Grade II 18th c listed Woodbine Cottage at Widcombe, which is the parish listed in the census, but currently no way of establishing if this is the one that Charles had lived in.

[Note there is a grave for a Charles Allen at St James’s cemetery in Bath, but dated 1866, not 1886 – could be a typo as he is certainly in the 1871 census.]

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