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Albert Richard Stiles, aka Richard Stiles, was born on 17 Apr 1862 at Bratton, Westbury Wiltshire, his parents were Henry (III) and Eliza (nee Rose). Eliza was born in Broughton Gifford, just outside Melksham Wiltshire and ten miles north of Bratton.

Albert Richard married Louisa Emma Crane on 3 Sep 1893, which does present something of a problem because his first son, Albert Stiles was born on 1 Jul 1889. So was there a first wife? Or was he born out of wedlock? Certainly his mother was twenty when he was born, so should we question the birthdate or the marriage date?

His father, Henry, was a market gardener and, on the 1881 Census, ‘Richard’ is shown as an 18-year-old gardener, they lived at Midridge Garden in Weston, Bath.

Weston Village, Bath

23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath,
#23 is the near end terrace

By the 1911 Census Richard was 49 with his own family at 23 Traflgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath. He lived there with wife ‘Louisa’ who was identified as a Laundry Maid, he as a ‘gardener for a gentleman family’. His wife is shown as having borne nine children, Ellen Kate had died in infancy, and Amy Louisa at 17 was not at home on census day or was working away. They therefore had seven children living with them – Richard Henry 14, Lily Maud 13, Erest 10, Alice 8, Elsie 5, Doris Violet 4 and Flossie Ivy just 3 years old.

Albert Stiles
GF – Albert Stiles 1888-1952
First wife?
married ?
Adeline Violet Hillier 1897-1982
married Dec 1919, Bath
Albert (‘Bert’) Stiles (1917-)

Violet E E Stiles 1921-2012
Amy Louisa Stiles 1893-1985
no record of a husband or issue – see more below
Ellen Kate Stiles 1895-1895
died in infancy
Richard Henry Stiles 1896-1982 – more below
Ethel Moore 1898-1983
married 1932
Lily Maud Stiles 1898-
Ernest Victor Stiles 1901-1982 – more below
Lilian M Jenkins 1903-1940
married 1924

Dorothy M Davis (or Lewis)
married Oct 1946
Elsie M Stiles 1928-2000
Alice May Stiles 1903-1982
no data on marriage or issue
Elsie Louise Stiles 1905-1990
Edgar John Holbrow 1909-1945
married 1933

Gordon Albert Townley
married 1949
Graham J Holbrow 1935-1942

Doris Violet Stiles 1907-
no data on marriage or issue
Flossie Ivy Stiles 1908-
David Henry Symonds 1908-1987
married Oct 1930, Bath
no data on issue

Albert Styles

Amy Louisa Stiles

Amy had a long life but there was no record of a husband or issue.

The 1911 Census for the family, shows her filled in on the form but then crossed through. She is however listed on the census retrun as a patient at the ‘Hospital for Women’, aka the ‘Lock Hospital’, aka ‘Bristol Voluntary Lock Hospital’ at 87 Ashley Road in Bristol. That crossing out is suggestive that her admission may have been taking place as the census was being taken.

She was one of thirteen young female patients attended by a Nurse Matron, an Assistant Matron and a Domestic Servant. Amy was just 16, the others ranged from 14 to 21. At earlier dates this was described as a hospital for ‘fallen women’, and focused on the treatment of venereal diseases. But in Amy’s case it appears that her admission was more about its latter purpose, providing sheltered accommodation for the mentally ill.

These hospitals were established from 1747, in London, to1870, in Bristol, their patient capacities were small – London 36, Dublin 75, Glasgow 60, Manchester 20, LIverpool 25 and just 16 in Bristol.

A feminist campaign of the 1870s and 1880s against the Contagious Diseases Acts originally prompted the foundation of he Bristol Lock Hospital, the only hospital that received women when they were suffering fr om diseases incident to an immoral life. They received the ‘best medical care and most kind and skilled nursing’ and were placed in a ‘healthful moral condition’. Some accounts of girls admitted to Lock Hospitals can be found here.

Next door to the hospital appears to be connected, it was home to Dr Walter R D Hawkins lived at 85 Ashley Road, Bristol in a 16-room home with his wife. He was 54, and was married to Emily Florence who was 34 – they had been married for four years. He had a 28-year-old son, and two daughters 24 and 17. They had a cook, a parlour maid and a housemaid,

At 89 Ashley Toad there was a Salvation Army Home that housed nine infants described as inmates. A separate census page lists eight Salvation Army officers, two workers, twenty-nine inmates (most under 25 years of age) and one boarder.

Today, 85-89 Ashley Road are squats, yet clearly they are still substantial buildings.

Shepton Mallet Workhouse
West End House, Shepton Mallet

By 1939 Amy had been admitted as a patient at West End House, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, her entry showed the reason for admission as ‘Incapacitated’. This was a facility attached to the Workhouse that had opened in the 19th c. In 1930. the workhouse became a mental hospital for females. It was originally called the West End House for Female Mental Defectives. Later it took both male and female mental patients and was renamed the Norah Fry Hospital. This closed around 1990, just five years after Amy’s death, not quite making her 102nd birthday!


Richard Henry Styles

In the 1901 census the family was living at 23 Trafalgar Road, Upper Weston, Bath – the household consisted of father Richard a 35-year-old gardener, his wife Louisa 32, son Albert 14 and already a farm labourer, Richard Henry 4 and Lilly 3. In the 1911 census they were at the same address, but now the family living there was the two parents and seven children, Amy Louisa entered on the census and struck out as (see above) she was now living at the Bristol Lock Hospital in Bristol.

Richard served in WWI as a Driver with the Royal Engineers in the 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Service No 506437) and was discharged at the age of 22 on 4 Aug 1919, the papers denoting that he had a disability, though without any details provided.

In 1932 at the age of 36 he married Ethel Moore (aged 34), there is no record of any issue.


Ernest Victor Stiles

In a 1939 Census & Voter Lists, Ernest was living at 4 Cork Place, Bath.

4 Cork Place, Bath today

Ernest is shown in the census as the Business Manager of a Confectionery and Newsagents, his wife Lilin is shown as an unpaid doemstic worker, and they have one child Elsie M.

Local Newspaper
death announcement

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