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Mrs Lirriper’s Legacy – 1864 – A Short Story

This was a Christmas short story published in All the Year Round, the Extra Christmas Edition.

In 1877 How Mrs. Lirriper Carried on the Business explains something of the 1863 novella (reduced to just two chapters after initial publication), in which Dickens establishes the various characters in Mrs. Lirriper’s London boarding-house, including the rather awkward maid Sophy, who cheerfully scrubs away at the floors, but always manages to blacken her face in the process.

Mrs Lirriper and Mr Edson

Emma Lirriper runs a boarding house at Number Eighty-One Norfolk Street in The Strand.

She receives a mysterious legacy and goes to Sens in France to investigate it further.
·       Buffle, Mr
·       Buffle, Mrs
·       Buffle, Robina
·       Edson, Mr
·       George
·       Jackman, Jemmy (Major)
·       Lirriper
·       Lirriper, Emma
·       Lirriper, Jemmy Jackman
·       Lirriper, Dr Joshua
·       Madgers, Winifred
·       Rairyganoo, Sally
·       Wozenham, Miss

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