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GGF20 – Thomas de Denton

All I could establish about this Thomas was that he was the son of GGF21 John de Denton and the Heiress de Vaux, and was father of GGF19 Thomas (shown below).

GGF19 – Thomas Denton of Appleton and Eaton (1320-1388)

Here at least I was able to establish a birth date and a date of death. His title places him in Oxfordshire in what is today’s parish of Appleton-with-Eaton, its 2011 population just 915.

Appleton means ‘an orchard’ and historically it formed part of the manor of Abingdon Abbey.

William the Conqueror’s half-brother Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, did own land here according to the Domesday Book, which details that it had the most valuable fishery in Berkshire, valued at £1 4s 2d.

Appleton 12thcentury manor house

Appleton House dates from 1147 and has an ornate doorway and some other interesting features added in the Tudor period after Thomas’s time.

The local 12thcentury St Laurence Church has a monument to Sir John Fettiplace who died in 1580. His predecessor Edmund Fettiplace was the first husband of Margaret Mordaunt who became my GGM11 when she subsequently married my GGF11 Sir Thomas Denton in 1542.

GGF18 – John (or William) Denton of Appleton and Eaton (1345 – )

Sadly I found no birth date for this John. He married Johanna de la Launde (1378-1401), which explains the family connection with Baddesley Clinton, and they had a son Thomas (below).

GGF17 – Thomas Denton (1375 – )

For this Thomas we know he married the daughter of a John Wyke (or Wylie), referred to only as NN Wyke, we are not able to establish her first name. They had a son (at Aston Clinton?) my GGF16 John (William) Denton of Fyfield (1375-1401). And with this John we are back into a period when genealogy does provide something with which to work.

Note on shorthand acronyms being used in the DFB:
GGF1 / GGM1 – means first great-grandfather /mother;
GU11 / GA11 – means eleventh great-uncle / great-aunt;
1C3 – means first cousin three times removed

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