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The Author – Artifice

Bob Denton has been a pioneer for a number of technologies – see bobdenton.com. But it’s the pioneers who often got shot by the Native Americans!

His early career was in the marketing, launch, sales, distribution and retailing of technologies – electronic cash registers, anti-shoplifting systems, industrial non-destructive testing, personal computers… So, he knows of the issues of promotion and exploitation of a new technology, like artificial intelligence.

He latterly launched and managed international trade and consumer events.

Bob had become frustrated by the media’s apparent lack of clarity as to just what AI can actually achieve today – and Artifice was conceived!

Bob was born in Bristol, UK. He now lives in rural south Oxfordshire.

Bob’s first novel Still Water was published in 2009 by Pegasus as a Vanguard Press title. Living in Spain for five years didn’t help greatly with promotion, though it did free Bob to write.

He self-published two more thrillers, Gene Genie and Route of Evil, and two non-fiction books, The PC Pioneers and 100 PC Moments, both looked at the amazing people who brought us the PC and Net.


Still Water was the first in the Tom Carter series, published in 2009. It was about the discovery of some strange water up at the Arctic. Was it pollution, nuclear waste or the ice melting? Whatever, it was lethal to all life. The Russians acquire it and decide that they will use it to settle scores and to recover Russiya’s status in the world. Tom Carter is a celebrity earth scientist who organises a defence to their actions.

Gene Genie was #2 in the Tom Carter series, published in 2011. This time the world threat is an American evangelical religious cult that decides to use genetic science to bring about their prophecies. Samuel Shepherd is their Patriarch, who preaches a confusing cocktail of beliefs woven around the prophesies of the books of Daniel and Revelations mixed with some ancient truths that he suggests that he has discovered. Marsha Davenport is a brilliant geneticist, besotted with Shepherd, creating genetic cocktails to hasten Shepherd’s prophecies.

Route of Evil was Bob’s third thriller, published in 2014. It follows a ‘Benjamin’, a marked $100 bill, as it travels right around the world, bearing witness to a catalogue of crime. The banknote starts on the Mexico-Arizona border and travels to California, Brazil, Monaco, Angola, South Africa., Mumbai, Vietnam and Mexico City, finally arriving back at the Mexican border. The banknote becomes ‘involved’ in human organ dealing, abduction and people trafficking, slavery, drugs, terrorism, gambling and sports fixing, corruption, endangered species’ trading, kidnapping, home invasion, assassination, murder and rape!

Bob also spent several years on a huge non-fiction project, this was The PC Pioneers, a review of the people, rather than the technologies. Of the pioneers who brought us the PC and Net. A later ‘Lite’ version, 100 PC Moments, was published to focus on the 100 most important products and the c.400 pioneers who created them.

This and more is detailed at www.bobdenton.com

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