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1822 Berlin

Name:Prussian Trade and Industry Exhibition (1st)
Dates:1 Sep – 15 Oct 1822;1827; 1834; December 1844; 1849
Days:45 days (1822); 3 days (1844)
Venue:House of Industries in the Kloßterstraße (1822); Academy Building in Unter den Linden (1827);
Theme:Industry, primarily regional
Exhibitors:176 exhibitors showing 998 regional products (1822); 208 with 1,659 products (1827); 3,060 exhibitors (1834); 3,040 exhibitors [685 from Berlin] (1844);
Visitors:9,514 (1822); 260,000 (1844)

Messe Berlin GmbH claims that it has run exhibitions since 1822. Their first show, was proposed by the Prussian Minister, Peter Christian Wilhelm Beuth, who, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, helped to draft new tax laws (1817). He was appointed director of the Technical Commission in 1819, and the next year played a key role in the Association for the Promotion of Industrial Knowledge in Prussia.

Beuth also founded the Berlin Technical Institute (the forerunner of the Technical University) to spread scientific knowledge among young technicians. He also worked to connect pure and applied science, advocating improved training for German engineers. But Prussia at the time directed most of its energies into military and bureaucratic endeavours. From 1830 to 1845 Beuth was the director of the Department of Manufacturing, Trade and Construction.

Kloßterstraße 1822

This 1822 exhibition was held in the House of Industries in the Kloßterstraße for 45 days from 1Sep– 15Oct. There were 176 exhibitors showing 998 products used in its regional trades and it attracted 9,514 visitors.

Academy Building 1827

The 1827 Berlin show was held at the Academy Building in Unter den Linden. It had expanded to 208 exhibitors with 1659 exhibits.

It was Beuth who played a key role in prompting the 1834 Berlin event which is reported to have attracted over 3,060 exhibitors. However, little further data was discovered.

1844 medal

The 1844 Berlin exposition was a clear sign that others were starting to take expositions seriously and were willing to mount them on a scale that rivalled the Parisian events.

Prompted by the 1839 Paris event the Allgemeine Deutsche Gewerbe-Ausstellung (All German Industrial Exhibition) was held in an old arsenal building, the Zeughaus. But it was limited to German states only and its goal was to achieve local economic benefit.

The 1844 exhibition was open for only three days in December but attracted 3,040 exhibitors primarily from the mechanical engineering industry, 685 of these were companies from Berlin itself. This event attracted some 260,000 visitors.

There was a further Berlin event in 1849 for which data is elusive

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