THE CHAIN – the cast

A television comedy-drama mini-series – by Bob Denton



Mid-20s couple who have been renting a one-bedded flat in Redland, Bristol for two years:

Nadia Anand: indulged daughter of successful Indian parents, is rather quick to swear. Born in Bristol, a midwife at St Michael’s Hospital, she plays netball and viola for Bristol Symphony Orchestra.

Ryan Doyle: calm, diffident, well-spoken, was born in Surrey. Attended UWE where he met with Nadia. A wildlife researcher for the BBC Natural History Unit, he attends a gym, plays rugby, potholes…


30-somethings in a two-bedded mid-terrace property in Totterdown, Bristol for three years:

Kyle Baker: fussy, meddlesome, is from Weston-super-Mare. A successful freelance interior designer, fair-haired, he is ambitious to expand his work. He has a bichon frise called ‘Chico’.

Ethan White: has a penchant for sleeveless T-shirts to show off his ink. He is Australian, vain, larger than life, in UK for eight years. He is a gym manager and personal trainer, fair-haired, slowly spoken, he over-uses Aussie idioms.


Late 40s, lived in a four-bedded detached period home in Nailsea (Bristol dormitory) for thirteen years:

Liz Marshall: is a pessimistic, loyal, earth-mother. She misses her 20-year-old daughter Jessica (at Exeter Uni). She works locally as a clerk and volunteers at an animal sanctuary. She has a cockapoo, ‘Henry’.

Tim Marshall: Intolerant, bit of a bore, a warehouse manager at nearby Avonmouth. Keen on local history and rather over-uses figures of speech. Has Ganesh, a mynah bird.


60-somethings in a three-bed house in Westbury Park, Bristol for 20+ years, now downsizing:

Sandra Webb: erratic, clumsy, likes a drink, she is a retired lower-school teacher. She would like to move to Hampshire to be closer to her daughter but will not defy Donald, who wishes to stay living locally.

Donald Webb: over-confident pompous, ex-Royal Navy, former pharmaceutical rep, now retired and very committed to Bristol. He has been ill lately, which has triggered his desire to move.


Early-40s childless couple, lived in a Bristol Harbourside apartment for three years, now divorcing:

Mandy Leclerc: bitter, anxious and spiteful. From Bristol she met Christophe while she was working as a PA at Airbus. She plans to move in with her widowed mum in Hungerford.

Christophe Leclerc: an arrogant, serial adulterer, French from Toulouse. He works at Airbus and wants to hurry matters up so that he can move back to his home town.


Steve Watson of Prestige Homes, Nailsea: early 50s, he is predictable, pedestrian. He dresses in ‘county style’ – brown/green jacket with leathered elbows, cavalry twill trousers and brogues.

Jack Dawes of Luce Dawes Property Agents: mid-20s, theatrical, likeable, Afro-Caribbean, perhaps just a little too slick, sharply-dressed with jacket that’s too small for him, tight trousers revealing bare ankles.

Vincent Young: nice personality but young (19). Inexperienced (in life as well as estate agency), he wears a suit that looks as if it belongs to someone else, more suitable for a wedding or attending court.

Jessica Marshall: Marshall’s daughter, currently at Exeter University, dresses as a typical student.

Dominik and Helena Jankowski: young Polish couple who are interested in Kyle/Ethan’s house.

Mrs Wilson, views Liz/Tim’s house, but is not sincerely interested.

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