Reskymer ALLEN – GGF9 – 1620-1690

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GGF9 – Reskymer Allen
Reskymer and Gertrude’s children
The name Reskymer


Jane’s GGF9 – Reskymer Allen was born at St Columb Major in Cornwall in 1620. His parents were GGF10 – Thomas (William) Allen (1599-1659) and GGM10 – Philippa Calway (1600- )


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French Huguenots declare war on King Louis XIII of France.


GGF9 – Reskymer married Gertrude Keate (1639- ), also of St Columb Major, Cornwall, on 8 Apr 1665 at Cubert, Cornwall (3m south of Newquay). They had seven children:

Charles Allen (1660–)
Tamsin Skinner (1660- )
Reskymer Allen (1685–1689)
Ralph Allen (1665–1672)died in infancy
Philip Allen I (1667–1728)
Mary Elliott (1665–)
married 1693
Anne Carthew (?)
married 1706
Ralph Allen (1693–1764)
Philip Allen (1695–1765)
Elizabeth Allen (1696–1731)
Gertrude Allen (1697–1789)
Reskymer Allen (1708–1715)
Philippa Allen (1712–)
Anne Allen (1713–1718)
Reskymer Allen (1669–)unmarried?
Matilda Allen (1672–1672)died in infancy
Gertrude Allen (1673–)unmarried?
Ralph Allen (1678–)
Mary White
married 1701
Jane Allen (1703- )


The name Reskymer

Reskymer’s first name is usually a Cornish surname, it is characterised by a multitude of spelling variations because the Old and Middle English languages lacked definite spelling rules. This name has been expressed as Reskymer, Reskinner, Reskiner, Roskymer, Roskinner, Reskimer and many more – we shall use Reskymer. The Cornish spoke a unique Brythonic Celtic language first recorded in written documents during the 10th century and a shared root with Welsh. However, Cornish became extinct as a spoken language by 1777.

Reskymer was a significant Cornish surname from the 12th c, the name was a place name adopted by the Lords of the Reskymer-Meneage manor in Reskymer near Helston (they also lived around Tremayne in St Martin, beyond Penzance). The family remained the manor owners until 1618 when it was sold by John and William Reskymer to Mrs Catherine Trevanion.

So this usage as a first name by the Allens implies some sort of linkage with that family.

14th c St Cubert church

There appears to be a connection with Cubert, Cornwall, halfway between Newquay and Perranporth, with its 14th century church (restored in 1848) and two nearby holy wells – one on the Holywell beach, and another with two ornate arched doorways is provided with stone seats to sit and listen to the water burbling. St Cubert was a Welsh missionary who came to the area to evangelise in the 8th c, his companion St Carantoc also went on to Brittany.

Work in progress:

Cubert connections:

  • Jane’s GGP8s Reskymer Allen and Gertrude Keate were married here in 1665
  • Also an Allen Reskymer was born abt 1675 at Cubert.

Work in progress: Why and when did they exchange surnames to be used as first names?

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