George Edward ALLEN – GGF5 – 1766-1850

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GGF5 – George Edward Allen
George and Anne’s children
Ralph Shuttleworth Allen
Ralph and Anne’s children
Ralph and Ethel’s children
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George Edward Allen was the second son of Philip Allen III (1736-1785), he was born on 20 Mar 1766 at Bath in Somerset.


Charles Edward Stuart
by Allan Ramsay, painted in 1745

Following his father’s death, Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie, became a claimant to the throne of Great Britain, he failed to press home his claim and died in Rome in 1788 at age 67.

The Theatre Royal in Bristol first opened.

James Christie ran his first auction sale in London,
his company would become the world’s largest auction house.

On 4 Apr 1784 George Edward married Anne Jones (1757-1792) at St Swithins, Walcot, Bath.


They would have just one child, GGF4 – Daniel Allen (1784-1864).

GGF4 – Daniel Allen (1784-1864)
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Barton (1781- )
married 22 Dec 1804 at Weston, Bath
GGF3 – Charles Allen (1806–1866)
Mary Ann Allen (1808–1868), unmarried?
Francis Allen (1811–)
Henry Allen (1820–1900)
Joseph Allen (1827–1886)

Bathampton Manor

Plans for Bathampton Manor

Upon his father’s death, in 1785 Daniel inherited Bathampton Manor.

Prior Park

In 1796, he inherited the Prior Park estate from his cousin, Gertrude Gun.  He sold Prior Park in 1829, and at his death Bathampton passed to his nephew, Ralph Shuttleworth Allen (1817-1887) (below).


Ralph Shuttleworth Allen (1817–1887)

Ralph was born at Tours, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France in 1817, the third son of Henry Edmond (or Edmund) Allen (1775-1829) and Frances ‘Fanny’ Lloyd (1780- ).

The river Trent at Hoveingham

He is sometimes referenced as Ralph Shuttleworth Allen of Hoveringham – this is a small town in Nottinghamshire to the west of the River Trent and was once the site of a Trent ferry.

Ralph was a Captain in the Royal Artillery and Major in Royal Cornwall & Devon Miners Artillery, became the Conservative MP for East Somerset, 1868-79, was DL and JP for Somerset and appointed Chairman of Bath Board of Guardians.


In 1844 Ralph married Anne Elizabeth Cunard (1823–1862) (see more below), they had five children:

Ralph Edward Allen, 2nd Baronet (1846–1910)m born in Nova Scotia, died in EgyptCould not trace any spouse or issue
George Cunard Allen (1848–1902)
born N Ferriby, Yorkshire, died in Manhattan, NY U
Could not trace any spouse or issue
Fanny Mary Allen (1850–1938)
Born and died in Somerset
Could not trace any spouse or issue
Henry Allen (1851–1928)
Mabel Beatrix Potter (1869-1957)
married 1892
Cmdr Ralph Henry Allen (1892-1962)
Reginald Cunard Allen (1895-1963)
Philip Allen (1853–1903)
Born in Brighton, Sussex, died in Manhattan NY
Could not trace any spouse or issue


In 1864, Ralph married Augusta Etheldreda ‘Ethel’ Allen (1839–1896) – it appears she was also an ‘Allen’ but from an unrelated family, living in and around Bridgwater. They had nine children:

Gertrude Ethel Allen (1865–1914)Could not trace any spouse or issue
Mabel Allen (1866– )Could not trace any spouse or issue
Florence Allen [Leith Hay] (1867–1948)
George Leslie Leith Hay (1866-1925)
married 1896
Margaret Mollie Leith Hay (1896–1896)
Jean Leith Hay (1899–1988)
Doreen Leith Hay (1903–1990)
Charles Shuttleworth Allen (1868–1949)Could not trace any spouse or issue
Edward Allen (1870–)Could not trace any spouse or issue
Lillian Allen (1875–1947)Could not trace any spouse or issue
Robert Allen (1876–)Could not trace any spouse or issue
Frederick Allen (1879–)Could not trace any spouse or issue
William Allen (1883–)
unknown spouse
married 22 Dec 1909 at Curry Mallet Somerset
Could not trace any issue


Cunard connections

The Cunard family originated in Worcestershire, but fled to Germany to avoid religious persecution, where they took the name Kunders. From there they emigrated to Pennsylvania, where Abraham Cunard (1756-1824) was born. He was Anne Elizabeth Cunard’s grandfather, a Quaker and master carpenter. From there Abraham fled the American Revolution to settle in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where he worked as a carpenter for the British garrison in Halifax. He became a wealthy landowner and timber merchant.

In 1783 Abraham married Margaret Murphy (1758-1821) from Ireland, with whom he had ten children:

  • John Cunard (1784- )
  • Mary Cunard (1784-1811)
  • Samuel Cunard (1787–1865)
  • William Cunard (1789–1823)
  • Susan Cunard (1795-1815)
  • Edward Cunard (1798–1851)
  • The Hon Joseph Cunard (1799–1865)
  • John Cunard (1800-1844)
  • Henry Cunard (1804-1885)
  • Thomas Cunard (1805-1828)

Samuel Cunard

His second son, Anne’s father, was Samuel Cunard whose business skills became evident early in his teens. He managed his own general store from stock he obtained in broken lots at wharf auctions. Samuel later joined his father in the family timber business, which expanded into investments in shipping. It was Samuel who changed their name to Cunard.

His first son Samuel Cunard (1787-1865), was a highly successful entrepreneur in Halifax shipping and one of a group of twelve individuals who dominated the affairs of Nova Scotia.

He married Susan Duffus (1795-1828) and they had nine children:

  • Edward Cunard (1815–1869)
  • Mary Cunard (1817–1885)
  • Susan Cunard (1819–)
  • Margaret Anne Cunard (1820–1901)
  • Sarah Jane Cunard (1821–1902)
  • Anne Elizabeth Cunard [Allen] (1823–1862) [who married Ralph Shuttleworth Allen 7 Sep 1844]
  • William Cunard (1825–1906)
  • Isabella Cunard (1827–1894)
  • Elizabeth Cunard (1828–1889)
Samuel on a Canadian stamp

Samuel became a shipping magnate and founded the Cunard Line, the first regular Atlantic steamship line. Its first ship, the Unicorn, set out from England for America on 15 May 1840. Its first mail steamer was the Britannia, which left Liverpool on 4 July 1840.

Samuel was ennobled in 1859 as Sir Samuel Cunard of Bush Hill, the 1st Baronet, by Queen Victoria. Samuel became a British Conservative Party politician. He was elected as the MP for East Somerset at the 1868 general election and was re-elected unopposed in 1874-79.

Bush Hill House, Enfield

The ‘Bush Hill’ in his title refers to Bush Hill House, eight miles north of London, in Enfield. From 1850 Samuel leased the property to house and entertain his large family.

But in his final days he moved into 26 Prince’s Gardens, Kensington, London where he later died. The Cunard family was then controlled by his son Edward. Later Cunard ships included the famed Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and QE II.

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