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Adeline Violet Hillier

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Penny name
Penny family tree
GGM1 – Lucy Jane Penny
GGF2 – George Henry Penny
GGF3 – John George Penny
GGF4 – Charles Panney
GGF5 – John Penny
GGF6 – Abraham Penny II
GGF7 – Abraham Penny I
GGF8 – Jonathan Penny
GGF9 – Thomas Penny


The surname derives from the Old English ‘Penig’ meaning a coin. The penny was in fact the only coinage in England until the early 14th c, when the silver groat (4d) and the gold noble (6s 8d) were introduced. Initially it became applied as a nickname for someone of wealth.

Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. The Penny surname started in Northamptonshire in the 12th c, then it moved south towards London and north into Scotland. The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 included various early spellings in many counties: Hurtin Peni in Kent; Alexander Penny in Cambridgeshire; Agatha Peni in Oxfordshire; and Robert Peni in Kent.

Notable Pennys:
Kirby’s Quest listed Johanne Peny in Somerset, during 1 Edward III, stating ‘In the reign of Anne, John Penny, Esq., lived at Charlton Musgrove, and at the same time a burgess of Glastonbury bore this name.’

John Penny (d: 1520), was the Bishop of Carlisle, who had been educated at Lincoln College, Oxford, and at some time also became LLD at Cambridge.

George Penny (1611- ), aged 24, was a British settler from London, arriving in Barbados and St Christopher (Saint Kitts) in 1635 aboard the ship ‘Peter Bonaventure‘.

James Penny (1799- ), English merchant, slaveship owner who became a prominent anti-abolitionist in Liverpool, he was the inspiration for Penny Lane, made famous by The Beatles.


Penny family tree

We managed to trace this branch back to GGF9 Thomas Penny born in 1635

GGF1 – George Alfred Hillier 1871-1903
– Shepton Mallet, Somerset
GGM1 – Lucy Jane Penny 1875-1956
– Ansford, Castle Cary, Somerset, England
married 1894 at St.Peter’s, Shepton Mallet

Lucy remarried:
Henry Eustace Gillard (1873-1943)
m: 3 Jan 1905 at Shepton Mallet

Henry Samuel Stacey (1872-1943)
m: Jun 1934
[He had previously married Lily Sarah Stokes (1892-1932) and they had had seven children]
George Alfred Hillier 1895-1974
GM – Adeline Violet Hillier 1897-1952
William James Hiller 1899-
Dorothy Gladys Winifred Hillier 1900-1967
Gladys Hilda Hillier 1901-1902
Edward Thomas Hillier 1902-1984
Bessie Annie Elizabeth 1904–2001

Emily Marie Gillard (1905–)
Annie Eleanor Lucy Gillard (1906–2003)
Victor William James Gillard (1907–1997)
Florence Edith Gillard (1909–2003)
Lillian Ellen Augusta Gillard (1910–1977)
Ethel Kathleen Victoria Gillard (1913–1995)
GGF2 – George Henry Penny 1842-1905
– Rimpton, Dorset
GGM2 – Sarah Simmonds 1834-1872
– Sherborne, Dorset
married 1864
[Sarah had married William Thomas Nott in 1855 and had three children with him, he died in 1861]

GGM2 – Martha Hann 1842-1914
– Yeovil, Somerset
married 31 March 1873 at Sherborne, Dorset
George William Penny 1865–1935
Henry Penny 1866–1866
Thomas Penny 1867-192
Harry Penny 1868–1961
Edward Penny 1869–
Edwin T Penny 1869-
Bessie Elizabeth Penny 1871–1937

Ernest John Penny 1874–1922
GGM1 – Lucy Jane Penny 1875-1956
Robert Charles Penny 1880–1915
Georgina Penny 1881–1972
George Hann Penny 1881-1951
Theodore Jack Penny 1884–
GGF3 – John George Penny 1805-1888
– West Camel, Somerset
GGM3 Eliza Langton 1810-1870
– Shertborne, Dorset
married 1835 in Dorset
John Penny 1836–1858
Maria Penny 1836–1902
GGF2 – George Henry Penny 1842-1905
Mary Penny 1844–1902
William Penny 1847–1896
Henry Penny 1850–1905
Ellen Penny 1854-1925
GGF4 – Charles Penny 1778-1818
– West Camel, Somerset
GGM4 – Hannah Biles 1779-1819
– Somerset
married 1804 in Somerset
GGF3 – John George Penny 1805-1888
Mary Ann Penny 1808–1885
Susanah Penny 1810–1884
William Penny 1813–
GGF5 – John Penny 1754-1816
– Marston Magna, Somerset, England
GGM5 – Elizabeth Knight 1749-1853
– West Camel, Somerset
married 1777 in Somerset
GGF4 – Charles Penny 1778-1818
George Penny 1783–1867
Anne Penny 1786–
Edward Penny 1791–
Ann Penny 1795-
GGF6 – Abraham Penny II 1724-1798
– South Cadbury, Somerset
GGM6 – Elizabeth B Cunnock 1730-1780
– Marston Magna, Somerset, England
married 1751
Ann Penny 1752–1838
GGF5 – John Penny 1754-1816
Hannah Penny 1757–1840
Abraham Penny 1759–1845
Charles Penny 1762–1831
James Penny 1765–1849
Mary Penny 1768–1768
William Penny 1771–1843
GGF7 – Abraham Penny I 1685-1756
– South Cadbury, Somerset
GGM7 – Hannah ?, ?-1756
married about 1720
GGF6 – Abraham Penny II 1724-1798
John Penny 1727-
Charles Penny 1739-
GGF8 – Jonathan Penny 1660-
– Somerset
GGM8 – Deborah Chaffey 1660-1697
married abt 1680 in Dorset
John Penny 1681-
GGF7 – Abraham Penny I 1685-1756
Deborah Penny 1686-
GGF9 – Thomas Penny 1635-
– Somerset
GGM9 – Anne Chedzoy 1635-
married 1654 – Somerset
Thomas Penny 1658-
GGF8 – Jonathan Penny 1660-


GGM1 – Lucy Jane Penny 1875-1956

Lucy was born on 15 Dec 1875 at Ansford, Castle Cary, Somerset. Her parents were GGF2 George Henry Penny and Martha Hann.

For the 1881/1891 censuses see her father’s entry below.

In 1901 Lucy was 25 and married George A Hillier (1871-1903). George is a stationary boiler stoker for the Waterworks and they live at 6 Waterworks. They have four young children George (5), Adeline (3), William (2) and Dorothy (1). They also have a 13 year old servant, Edith Gosney.

In 1911 she remarried Henry Eustace Gillard (1873-1943), they were living at 82 Hillside View, Peasdown St John, Bath. He is described as a coal miner labourer – underground . They had living with them, four of her Hillier children – James 12, Dorothy 11, Tom 8 and Bessie 7. They also five Gillard children – Maria 6, Lucy 4, William 3, Florence 1 and Lillian 4mths. The census shows they have five rooms for the parents and nine children.

Lucy remarried Henry Samuel Stacey (1872-1943) in Jun 1934. He had previously married Lily Sarah Stokes (1892-1932), and had seven children withher. Marrying late, Lucy Jane (59) and Henry (62) had no issue.

In 1939, described as performing unpaid domestic duties, Lucy J Stacey is 75 and lives at 31 Circus Place, Bath with her 35 yr old incapacitated daughter Emily Marie Gillard.

Lucy died in 1956 at Bath, Somerset, at 80 yrs old.


GGF2 – George Henry Penny 1842-1905

George Henry Penny was born in 1842 at Rimpton Dorset.

The 1871 Census finds George and his first wife Sarah Simmonds (1834-1872) from Sherborne, living at Clare (obscured on census?) Farm near Sherborne.

Sarah had married a William Thomas Nott in 1855 and they had three children, he died in 1861. She married George Henry Penny in 1864 and they had eight children.

This 1871 Census shows him as a 29 year-old labourer and her at 33 without any listed occupation. They have living with them the three Nott children, William (14) a labourer, Sarah (12) a factory operative, James (9) a scholar. There are also three young Penny children, George (6), Harry (3) and Edward (1).

Sarah died in 1872 a year after delivering her eleventh child.

Purse Caundle, nr Sherborne

The 1881 Census finds the family living at Rushton Cottage, Purse Caundle village, Sherborne, Dorset. George had remarried Martha Hann (1842-1914) on 31 March 1873 at the Register Office, Sherborne, Dorset. George Henry Penny (38) is shown as an agricultural labourer, though a suffix of ‘shepherd’ has been entered and crossed through. Martha Hann (39), from Yeovil, is shown as a glover. Martha has an 18 year old daughter by a previous marriage, Ann Hann, who is also a glover. George and Martha have another eight children living with them – five are Sarah’s children, George, Harry and Thomas (17, 15 and 14) are agricultural labourers, Edward and Elizabeth (13 and 11) are scholars. Three of their own children – Ernest J (8) and Lucy Jane (4) are scholars, and they have an infant son Robert (1). They also record a visitor, a 19 year old labourer, perhaps just staying in the household on the census night.

The 1891 Census finds them in Lower Bagborough, Evercreech, Somerset. George is shown as only 44 (though 48 in fact) and a farm labourer. Martha (49) has no occupation shown. Ernest (19) is still at home, also a farm labourer. Lucy Jane (16) is a domestic servant.

George died at Shepton Mallet (Evercreech?) in July 1905.


GGF3 – John George Penny 1805-1888

John George was born at West Camel, near Yeovil in 1805. His parents were Charles Penny (1778-1818) and Hannah Biles (1779-1819). He married Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Langton in 1835.

The 1851 Census has them in Rimpton, near Yeovil, Somerset. John is shown as a 46 year old labourer, Eliza as 56. They have two daughters (Maria and Mary, 15 and 6) and four sons (John, George, William and Henry -13, 9, 6 and 7 mths).

In 1861 they were at Church Street Rimpton, John, an agricultural labourer, was 58 and Eliza 69. John, Maria and Mary have grown and flown, so they have living with them: George (19), William (16) and Henry (10), all listed as agricultural labourers, and Ellen (7) a scholar.

In 1881 John is alone (Eliza died in 1871), he is boarding at 27 Pulteney Street, Bathwick, he is 77 and shown as some sort of officer, the entry is illegible. It’s unclear but may have been living with a 45 yr old domestic servant, Mary A Bradwell?

John died in 1888 at Wincanton, Somerset.


GGF4 – Charles Penny 1778-1818

Charles was born in West Camel Somerset in 1778. His parents were John Penny (1754-1816) from Marston Magna Somerset and Elizabeth Knight (1749-1853) of West Camel.

He married Hannah Biles (1779-1819) in 1805. They had four children John George. Mary Ann, Sussanah and William.

Charles died in 1818 at West Camel, and his wife died the next year, also in West Camel.


GGF5 – John Penny 1754-1816

John was born on 23 Dec 1754 at Marston Magna, near Yeovil, Somerset – his parents were Abraham Penny (II) and Hannah ?

Marston Mgna – sleepy village – though in Jan 2019 The Express newspaper headline was ‘Quiet English village rocked by rumours of a brothel in their midst

He married Elizabeth Knight (1749-1853) n 1777. They had four children Charles, George, Anne and Edward.

He died in May 1816 at 60 yrs old in West Camel.


GGF6 – Abraham Penny II 1724-1798

Abraham II was born in South Cadbury Somerset in 1724. His parents were Abraham Penny I (1685-1756) also of South Cadbury and Hannah ? ( – 1756)

He married Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cunnock (1730-1780) from Marston Magna Somerset. in 1751 – they had eight children between 1752 and 1771.

Abraham died in South Cadbury in 1798, aged 74.


GGF7 – Abraham Penny I 1685-1756

Abraham I was born in South Cadbury Somerset in 1685. His parents were Johnathon ‘John’ Penny (1660- ) and Deborah Chaffey (1660-1697) both of Somerset.

He married someone called Hannah, no details excpet that she died in 1756, the same year as Abraham, we could not find any common cause,

They had three sons Abraham II, John and Charles.

St Thomas à Becket church

South Cadbury is famous for its castle and was served by the church of St Thomas à Becket, which around the time of the deaths of Abraham and Hannah apointed Charles Churchill as its curate. He was an English poet and satirist. His emoluments amounted to less than £100 a year, and he increased his income by teaching in a girls’ school. His Rosciad was an amusing satire described with the most disconcerting accuracy the faults of the various actors and actresses on the London stage, in a competition judged by Shakespeare and Jon.


GGF8 – Jonathan Penny 1660-

Jonathan was born (probably South Cadbury) in Somerset in 1660, his parents were Thomas Penny (1635- ) and Anne Chedzoy (1635- ).

He married Deborah Chaffey (1660-1697) in 1680. They had three children – John, Abraham and Deborah.


GGF9 – Thomas Penny 1635-

We could find no trace of Thomas’s parents.

He married Anne Chedzoy in 1654 in Somerset. They had two children Jonathan and Thomas.

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