DREAM TEAM – the scenes

A television comedy-drama mini-series – by Bob Denton

A key element of the drama is sustaining a rapid pace by the regular use of face-to-face speech between the characters, calls between them over walkie-talkie radios and the event’s general Tannoy announcements which are made from the outer office, yet heard on all four sets.

Also central to building the drama is the implication that there is chaotic action around the team and the sets, though this remains completely unseen by the viewer. A hubbub background audio track is required to build in volume as the action reaches its various crescendos.

There are four key at-site locations at the venue of DREAM HOMES.

OUTER – Outer Organiser Office – this rather featureless rectangular room has two doors, one to the inner office, one to the event area. At the start of the screenplay it is empty but it becomes the reception and office area for the show, used by contractors, exhibitors and visitors when they seek out the organisers’ help. When set up, it has a long counter with five bar stools. Set behind these are some large cabinets, several filing cabinets and the Tannoy microphone. Three desks and chairs are located here for KATE, VICKI AND BILL. An end wall has been created using a modular shell-scheme with Velcro-happy walls for floorplans and other notices to be displayed. There are no external windows, perhaps the faint suggestion of a skylight.

INNER – Inner Organiser Office – this has two doors, one linking it with the outer office, and one out to the Boulevard which cannot be opened from the outside, but can be used for the team to ‘escape’. There is a window usually concealed by venetian blinds. When the blind is cracked or lifted it offers a view of the Boulevard and the main entrance into the event. We never see through it, though it is regularly used by the characters. This too is a featureless room but it has at least already been furnished for the duration of the show. The furniture is of the insubstantial variety used at exhibitions. There is a small bar, a meeting room table and chairs in the middle, and a few small round tables with chairs near the bar. There is a series of cupboards and wardrobes.

EXT. – External – this is a location outside the event hall on the Boulevard that runs through the centre of ExCeL. The POV is from the Boulevard towards the Hall entrance. The show’s signage runs across the façade. The POV is a tight one so we do not see into the show or along the Boulevard.

HIGH POINT – this is a location on the upper level corridor, by the meeting rooms. It commands a view of the exhibitor stands beneath, but these are merely implied by the dialogue and never actually shown.

HQ – And finally, used in two flashback moments, is a small drab meeting room back at the organising company’s headquarters.

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