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The Mudfog papers – 1837-1838 – short stories

This is an anthology of tales published from 1837-1838 that were published in the monthly journal Bentley’s Miscellany. Dickens was editing the journal, George Cruicshank was the illustrator.

This purports to be the proceedings of The Mudfog Society for the Advancement of Everything. There were seven ‘papers’, the whole was published as a book in 1880.

Mudfog itself was based upon Chatham where Dickens had spent some of his childhood. It was also used as the location of Oliver Twist’s early years.

Public Life of Mr Tulrumble – Once Mayor of Mudfog
·       Jennings, Mr
·       Tulrumble, Mr Nicholas
·       Tulrumble,Mrs
·       Twigger, Ned
·       Twigger, Mrs

Full Report of The First Meeting of The Mudfog Association for The Advancement of Everythin

·       Blunderum, Mr
·       Carter, Mr
·       Doze, Professor
·       Fee, Dr W R
·       Jobba, Mr
·       Knight Bell, Mr
·       Kutankumagen, Dr
·       Ledbrain, Mr
·       Muff, Professor
·       Neeshawts, Dr
·       Nogo, Professor
·       Queerspeck, Professor
·       Slug, Mr
·       Snore, Professor
·       Timbered, Mr
·       Torrell, Dr 
·       Truck, Mr
·       Waghorn, Mr
·       Wigsby, Mr
·       Wheezy, Professor
·       Woodensconce, Mr

The Pantomime of Life
Fitz-Whisker, The Hon Captain

Some Particulars Concerning a Lion
Full Report of The Second Meeting of The Mudfog Association for The Advancement of Everything
·       Blank, Mr
·       Blunderbore, Captain
·       Brown, Mr (of Edinburgh)
·       Buffer, Doctor
·       Coppernose, Mr
·       Courtenay, Sir William
·       Crinkles, Mr
·       Drawley, Mr
·       Dull, Mr
·       Dummy, Mr
·       Flummery, Mr
·       Gagliardi, Signor
·       Grime, Professor
·       Hunter, Mr Fogle
·       Joltered, Sir William
·       Ketch, Professor John
·       Kwakley, Mr
·       Leavor, Mr
·       Long Eers, The Hon and Rev
·       Mallet, Mr
·       Misty, Mr X
·       Misty, Mr X X
·       Moretair, Mr
·       Muddlebranes, Mr
·       Muff, Professor
·       Noakes, Mr
·       Nogo, Professor
·       Pessell, Mr
·       Pipkin, Mr
·       Prosee, Mr
·       Pumpkinskull, Professor
·       Purblind, Mr
·       Rummun, Professor
·       Scroo, Mr
·       Slug, Mr
·       Smith, Mr (of London)
·       Snivey, Mr Hookham
·       SnuffleToffle, Mr Q J
·       Someup, Mr
·       Sowster, Mr
·       Styles, Mr
·       Tickle, Mr
·       Woodensconce, Mr
Mr Robert Bolton:
The ‘Gentleman Connected with the Press’
·       Bolton, Mr Robert
·       Clip, Mr, hairdresser
·       Murgatroyd, Mr
·       Thicknesse, Mr

Familiar Epistle from a Parent to a Child Aged Two Years and Two Months

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