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A Child’s Dream of a Star – 1850 – a short story

This was written in 1850 on a sudden impulse, it is simple, and that is its joy. It was written two years after his sister died. as children he and this sister used to wander at night about a churchyard near their home. This is suggested as its inspiration.
There was a child who wandered about a good deal, whilst wondering of many things. He had a sister who joined him on these wanders and they wondered at many things together.

There was one clear shining star that used to come out in the sky before the rest, near the church-spire, above the graves. They would call out when they spotted it, and took one last lingering look at it before sleep.

But the sister became weak and could not join him on his wanders. Yet they still shared the star. But all too soon she was gone, her grave out there beneath the star.

The boy still dreamed about the star, He saw a road that led to the angels and he saw his sister with them. He urged she take him with her, the vision dimmed, but there was still the star.

The boy had a new baby brother who died. When he next dreamed of his sister, she asked ‘Is my brother come?’. The angel leader replied ‘Not that one, but another’. The sister angel held the baby brother,

The brother became a man and he still looked at the star. In his vision he saw his sister ask ‘Is my brother come?’ The angel leader said ‘Thy mother’. Those at the star rejoiced because the mother was reunited with her two children.

The brother became an old man. He saw his sister angel ask ‘Is my brother come? This time the answer was ‘Nay, but his maiden daughter’. He saw his daughter amongst the angels and that soothed his grief.

The brother became an old man, one night with his children around him, he said ‘I see the star’. His children said ‘He is dying’. He agreed, he felt himself moving to the star.

The star shined upon his grave.

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