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The Battle of Life – 1846 – A Christmas tale

The Battle of Life: A Love Story was an 1846 Christmas novel. The illustrator was Charles Green.

This Christmas tale was about a change of heart, but without any supernatural intervention. Perhaps that is why it became the least appreciated.

One of its characters Clemency Newcombe is thought by some to inspire him with Clara Peggotty in David Copperfield.

The sisters, Grace and Marion, live with their father, he views life as a farce. They have two servants, Clemency Newcome and Benjamin Britain.

The younger sister, Marion, is betrothed to Alfred Heathfield, who has gone away to complete his studies, But the solicitors, Snitchey and Craggs, believe the libertine Michael Warden is planning an elopement with Marion. Clemency sees Marion in a rendezvous with Michael.

On Alfred’s return Marion appears to have run off, causing her father and sister much grief.

Years pass, Clemency has married Ben, Alfred has married Graceand they have a child they call Marion. On the child’s birthday the original Marion returns to say she had not eloped, but lived with an aunt. She had done this to allow Alfred and Grace free rein.

All is forgiven. Warden is also forgiven by Dr Jeddler and married Marion.

The daughters of Doctor Jeddler hadmake sacrifices in love and this altered his cynical outlook for the future.

Marion with Clemency

·       Jeddler, Dr. Anthony
·       Jeddler, Grace
·       Jeddler, Marion
·       Jeddler, Martha
·       Heathfield, Alfred
·       Britain, Benjamin
·       Newcome, Clemency
·       Snitchey and Craggs
·       Warden, Michael

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