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Mugby Junction – 1866 – Christmas tales – a collaboration

This a set of short stories written in 1866 by Charles Dickens and collaborators Charles Collins, Amelia B Edwards, Andrew Halliday and Hesba Stretton. It was first published in a Christmas edition of the magazine All the Year Round.

The tales are:

– Barbox Brothers, Charles Dickens
– a traveller arrives at Mugby Junction
– Barbox Brothers & Co, Charles Dickens
– the new arrival researches the network around Mugby
– Main Line: The Boy at Mugby, Charles Dickens
– the boy at the Refreshment Room
– No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman, Charles Dickens
– this is of course the most famous, a ghost story
– No. 2 Branch Line: The Engine Driver, Andrew Halliday
– tells of the seven men and boys he had killed in his career
– No. 3 Branch Line: Compensation House, Charles Collins
– the tale of an inelegant buiding
– No. 4 Branch Line: Travelling Post-Office, Hesba Stretton
– a post office on the railway
– No. 5 Branch Line: The Engineer, Amelia B Edwards
– a tale of friendship


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