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We moved back to the UK knowing that the Longwick property would not prove to be a long-term home for us.

We allowed ourselves to look around and fell in love with a property in Chinnor, South Oxfordshire, and bought it before we had sold Longwick.

When our sale of Longwick stalled we decided to rent it out, and in the end this ran for more than four years to the same family.

13 Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, Oxon OX39 4DZ
Dramatic sunset at Chinnor

The picture shows the Chinnor house, originally it was two simple two-up, two-down cottages, but had been expanded a number of times to become a great home.

ASIDE: we had neighbours to the right of the picture who from a small semi with parking for just one small car was endeavouring to park five vehicles outside theirs and ours, often three big vans operating for various window suppliers. The Nissan Micra in the picture above is a Cat-C car that I bought for £299. I taxed, MOTed and insured it to park it there for two years and thwart the neighbours and give us visibility onto and out of our in-and-out driveway. I had wanted to buy three such cars but Jane demurred.
It reminds me of a tale from my youth where a guy was stopped at the crown of the road, quite evidently waiting for oncoming traffic to pass to take a car parking space on the other side.
One of the oncoming cars was a Mini and the young guy slipped in the space, got out and called across to the driver ‘You have to be young and with it to do that!’. The older guy found a gap in the oncoming traffic and proceeded to reverse into the Mini several times, damaging it severely.
The driver said to the young man ‘You have to be old and rich to be able to do that!’ I could afford to have that Micra to relieve our situation. Our situation has mellowed a great deal since then and I therefore sold the Micra.  
Majella and Matt married in Barcelona

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