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Corner House, 77 Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Beds MK40 4QJ

We finally moved into this home, it was unlike any we had lived in since Cornwall – ie it was a modern house. Son after, my heart disease started to have an impact, as a result I needed to have my first stent put in at Papworth.

Grandkids – halfway up the stairs
ASIDE: The Papworth procedure, angioplasty, entered at my groin, so the medical team were down in that general area, behind a lot of kit suspended over my chest, which included a screen for me to watch the process.

I was unconcerned because I was pumped with Rohypnol, the so-called date-rape drug, or something very similar. The doctor came around the kit and asked, ‘Have you ever played Pontoon?’, I confirmed I had. He explained ‘I have 18, and I want to draw again.’ I patiently (pun-intended) explained how many times I had stuck at 13 and won, but he said it wasn’t quite the same game. I watched the screen as he fiddled about locating the stent in my coronary artery. He emerged from behind the kit again to say, ‘I have 20!’, I said, ‘Stick!’ and he finished up the procedure.

Bizarre that a person as squeamish as me could have held such a discussion, but I did! I went back to work, at Aerofone, the next morning, and six weeks later, on a follow-up appointment, the doctor suggested that I could perhaps go back to work now! The stent worked for thirteen years!

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