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Tally ho! – the tale of tally sticks
and the burning down of the House of Commons
Go figure!
0031623A plague on your devices
0041801Weaving by punched card
0051822Vive la différence
0061879Buttons and bells
0071884Counting heads
Target practice
0091936Ciphers and fish
0101937Running circuits
0111938Sincerest form of flattery
0121938By Zuse!
0131939Simple as ABC
0141944Automatic Séance Controlled Computer
0151945As we may think
0161946Universal automatic computing
0171956Disk jockeys
0181957Light the blue touch paper
0191960Time sharing
0221962Playing with computers
0231963Drawing on computers
0251964BASIC building blocks
0261964Pass the parcel
0281966The enabler
0291968Mother of all demos
0301969Laser printing
0311969UNIX operating system
0321970Object-oriented programming
0331971The microprocessor
0341971Electronic books
0351971You have mail
0361972Singing Alto
0371972Through the ether
0381972French evolutions
0391972Video games
0401973Early PC contenders
0411974Birth of the Internet
0421974First successful PC kit
0431974Advances in PC software
0441975Software for early PCs
0451975Low-cost MPUs
0461975Operating system for MPUs
0471975Text processing
0481976Taiwanese manufacturing
0491976Steve Wozniak and Apple 1
0501977Jack Tramiel and Commodore
0511977Getting connected
0521977Digital typesetting
0531977Consulting the oracle
0541977Retailing computers
0551978British kits and PCs
0561978Databases for PCs
0571978Spreadsheets for PCs
0591980Clive Sinclair
060198170-stone gorilla comes to play
0611981Up, down and strange
0621981Software patents
0631981Graphics workstations
0641982Clones and clamshells
06519823M computing
0661982An OS for the IBM-PC
0671982A postscript coming first?
0681983Simple as 1-2-3
0691983Alternate thinking
0701984Design-led PCs
0711984PC direct selling
0721984Personal digital assistance
0731984Accounting with PCs
0741985Desktop publishing
0751985Low cost UK PCs
0761987Fighting viruses
0771988Take a picture
0781989Clever GUIs
0791991Worldwide ambitions
0801991Tux the penguin
0811993Browser wars
0821994Search engines
0831994New player
0841994Keep your hat on
0851995Auctions online
0861995Electronic book selling
0871996Improving search
0881997Styling PCs
0891999File sharing
0902000Paying on the Net
0912001The Net’s encyclopaedia
0922001Birth of VoIP
0932002Virtual friends
0942003Business connections
0952004Social networking
0962004China joins the top table
0972005Picture that
0982005Third world PCs
0992006All of a twitter
1002010Artificial Intelligemce

Forward to PC Moments 001 – Tally Ho! – 20,000 BCE
Refer to PC Moments – Pioneers Index
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