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Ivan and Violet

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When I originally produced the Denton Family Bible, I promised I would later also do my wife’s tree – or as it turns out her trees. So, belatedly, here goes!

My wife Jane Alison Allen

When I had first tried to do this, I was frustrated by a startling lack of Irish material. Any Irish research proved problematic because during the Irish Civil War and its ensuing independence, there were early troubles, and on 30 June 1922 the Dublin Four Courts and specifically the Irish Public Records Office ‘caught’ fire.

Dublin’s Four Courts fire of 1922

Swathes of the Irish Chancery Rolls (1304-1922) were lost. Despite their rebuilding, the remaining records are thin, and this did not help my search. We need to go to the local churches in Ireland to get access to prime records.

I did attempt (in the DFB, the Denton Family Bible) to make up for this by producing several pieces on GGF1 – William Charles Allen and 1C1R – Dennis Roy Allen, which have now been fully integrated into this second look at Jane’s tree.

Rebecca Culliford

I also feel the need to apologise for the third piece I included in the DFB on Jane’s Paternal GGM1 Rebecca Culliford (1851-1918). But I think the data discovered – prison sentences served at Shepton Mallet jail – is more indicative of her times than any rebuke of Rebecca.

Allen Family

This family group above shows my wife’s grandparents (GF1 – Walter Thomas Allen and GM1 – Elizabeth Amy Perry) with just some of their eleven children, not including their youngest, F- Ivanhoe Wilfred Allen – who was of course Jane’s father.

The Irish ‘problem’ is still an issue with GM1 Elizabeth Amy Perry, because her parents were both Irish, both born in Cork – GGF1 – Thomas Sullivan Perry and GGM1 – Mary Ellen O’Sullivan. In fact, even returning after several years to this topic, I could only trace back her Perry and O’Sullivan lineage to her GGF3 – Thomas Perry (1806-1896) and GGF3 – John Sullivan Sr (1806-?). Pretty disappointing compared with my lucky break with the Denton Family Bible, where I got all the way back to the year 970!


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