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Elizabeth Amy Perry

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Perry name
Elizabeth Amy Perry
Thomas Sullivan Perry
Thomas and Mary children

This is one of two lineages (of the eight) that we could only trace back to the GGP3s.


The surname Perry might derive from the Norman French word ‘perneur’ for quarry, and it is said to have come to the UK following their invasion in the 11th c. In Hampshire a Perree who was granted lands that were recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086.

However in England a separate derivation is a topographic one, the Old English word ‘pyrige’ or ‘perie’ meant pear tree, and became applied to those owning or living near a pear orchard or tree, from the 7th c. By the 19th century, the largest number of Perrys in the west country were in Somerset.

In Wales, Parry or Perry, is a 15th c patrionic and said to be a shortening of ‘ap Harry’ or ‘son of Harry’.

Perrys moved to Ireland in the 17th c, where it became popular. One site suggests that a Captain George Perry of Gloucester settled in county Clare in 1639, and a Richard Perry arrived from Devon with Cromwell in 1658 and took lands in Tipperary. His descendants became gentry families in Tipperary and in county Cork. From here they moved around the world.

The name has many variations – Pery, Perrie, Perrier, Perriman, Perree, Pirie, Pirrie, and Pury..


GF – Walter Thomas Allen 1877-1930
– Bath, Somerset
GMElizabeth Amy Perry 1880-1967
– Bath, Somerset
married 10 Mar 1898 Bath Registery Office, Bath
William Charles Allen 1898-1917
Walter Reginald Allen 1902-1931
Leonard Alfred Allen 1903-1939
Percy Douglas Allen 1906-1964
Reginald Allen 1908-1975
Dennis Roy Allen 1910-1980
Dorothy Gertrude Mary Allen (Iles) 1913-2005
Phyllis Emily Allen (Eades) 1915-2009
Margaret Ruby Allen (Macfarlane) 1917-1994
F – Ivanhoe Wilfred Allen 1919-1996
GGF1 – Thomas Sullivan Perry 1864-
– Carrigaline District, Cork, Ireland
GGM1 – Mary Ellen O’Sullivan 1864-
– Derrycreeveen, Bere Island, Cork, Ireland
married ?

GMElizabeth Amy Perry 1880-1967
GGF2 – Thomas Perry 1841-
– Cork Ireland
GGM2 – Herriot Sullivan 1840
– Skibbereen, Cork Ireland
married 1863

GGF1 – Thomas Sullivan Perry 1864-
No firm source for these other children:
William Perry 1865-
David Perry 1870-
Hannah Perry (Millington) 1879-
Harriet Perry 1884-
Matthew Perry 1893-
GGF3 – Henry Perry
GGF3 – Thomas Perry 1806 (or 10)-1896
– Ireland
GGM3 – Mary Ann Coffy 1805-1873
– Ireland
married 27 Apr 1828
GGF2 – Thomas Perry 1841-
Ann Perry 1851-


Our first Perry is Elizabeth Amy Perry (1880-1967) who was born in Bath, to Thomas Sullivan Perry (1864- ) and Mary Ellen O’Sullivan (1859- ). Two strange facts emerge from this – Thomas appears to have been just sixteen years old when they had Elizabeth and they unusually had only one child. Lack of data on births and deaths leaves this as an open question. But see their 120 mile walk, while Mary was pregnant detailed below.

Elizabeth Amy married Walter Thomas Allen (1877-1930) on 10 Mar 1898 Bath Registery Office, Bath, Somerset. They would have ten children, though the family suggest there was at least one other that was either stillborn or died in infancy.

Elizabeth Amy is pictured above with her youngest daughter, Margaret Ruby Allen (1917-1994) and Margaret’s first husband, Benjamin James Tiley (1916-1997), with whom she had three children, two died in infancy, she later divorced him.


Thomas Sullivan Perry was born in Carrigaline District, three miles south of Cork, Ireland on 27 Feb 1864. Mary Ellen O’Sullivan was born five years earlier at Derrycreeveen on Bere Island, some 55km west of Bantry, and 130 km west of Cork – how might they have met? – at Cork?

There is a story within the family of an Irish couple coming to England, landing at London Docks and walking westward until they found work. The wife was pregnant at the time. The tale describes how, as they walked through Marlborough in Wiltshire, a local lady took pity on them and gave the wife a drink of water. They pressed on until they found work in Bath. This is very suggestive of Thomas and Mary Ellen – at just sixteen perhaps he felt the need to escape local reaction in Ireland and needed to take desperate steps to make his way in the world. Certainly Elizabeth Amy was born in Bath.

Even going back just one step to Thomas Perry (1842- ) is not clear cut. There appear to be three with this name, one from Bloxwich or Armington in Staffordshire born in 1842, 1843 or 1848 – and one born in 1841 at Warminster. Neither of these really fits with the ‘walking from London to Bath’ family tale.

So we have assumed it is the Thomas Perry born in Cork in 1841, who married Herriot Sullivan in 1863, with Thomas Sullivan then their son, but there are some confusing records of other children too.

Trying to get back beyond this Thomas proves even more difficult, there was a Henry Perry (1819- ) of whom we could learn little. Or an Irish-born earlier Thomas Perry (1806 (or 10)-1896) who married Mary Ann Coffy (1805-1873) in 1828.


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