The Cast – At First Site!

© Bob Denton, 2014
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Geoff Barnes, Acting Event Director and as such is therefore responsible for all aspects of the management of the event.  He has a team that he has inherited and is not much respected by them.  In his late 20s he is a southerner with an estuary accent.  He is rather too prone to U-turns and progressively shows a tendency to panic.

Kate Warren, Kate is the Operations Manager responsible for the technical aspects of getting the show built to time, she is the one who appointed the many contractors and is broadly experienced if a tad jaundiced.  Early 30s from Lancashire she has a keen interest in the fun side of the business though still quite effective, she however dislikes sales people – she has a ‘thing’ going with ‘Kevin’ as the play opens.

Kevin Thomson, Main Contractor Contracts’ Manager.  Kevin is the site manager for the main contractor and thus has to work closely with Kate.  He is a cool and capable character (a mid 30s Londoner) who has seen it all before and has a sharp eye for adding to the charges that he can levy on organisers.  Married, but has a relationship with Kate.

Vicki Stephens, Sales Manager.  Another Londoner, late 30s, she is not able to manage Bill and cannot quite respect Geoff, as a younger person.  Whilst she is very businesslike and always well groomed she has developed a penchant for a rather masculine look – male suits, waistcoats, ties, etc.

Bill Caterham, Sales team member.  Bill is a salesman with the organising team, an early 40s, chubby chauvinist.  An effective salesman but very lazy and a heavy drinker.  Female harassment is one of his ‘specialties’; he is quite unattractive but fails to appreciate this.

Sue Jones, Administrator.  Late-20s, weird dresser with a quirky sense of humour, said to be a resting actress.

Cheryl, Organiser’s Office – hospitality girl.  Early 20s Afro-Caribbean, wears outrageous outfits, strikes poses and is very quick-witted, quite unlike Petra.

Petra, Organiser’s Office – temporary receptionist. A mid-20s Sloane who has an aloof manner to hide her lack of any real commonsense or awareness.


Craig MacGregor, Security Manager. A 40-something Scot, tall and looks like he was once a useful boxer or rugby player.  He wears a crisp uniform with a peaked cap pulled down over his eyes.  Tends to march rather than walk, stands to attention when he is talking with someone and uses a stilted delivery rather like a policeman giving evidence in court.

Mike Stone, Hall Management. Mike is the event coordinator and safety officer for the halls.  He is a mid-30s scruffy American with charisma by-pass and, one would conclude on sight, with terminal halitosis.  The sort of person who immediately grates and offends.

David Reagan, Floor Manager.  A 50-something Londoner – effective, seen it all before, calmly sorts out all and any problems with the minimum of fuss.

Mel Peters, Marketing Manager.  Never seen in the play, but the final member of the on-site team.

John Wright, Exhibition Manager for ColourStyle – a dour character, dapper and a smart dresser, but too pushy and not a likeable individual.

There are a number of small parts that are proposed to be cameo parts handled by ‘extras’ – two males, a female and a child.  Note that with a little adjustment to the script both the parts of David and/or John could also be taken by the two male extras if the size of the cast becomes difficult, but this would put some strain on costume to avoid them being too recognisable.

Male Extra A:

  • The Minister      a top politician who formally opens the show.
  • Harry    a delivery and odd-job man from the organising company.

Male Extra B:

  • Minister’s Aide  the escort to the Minister.
  • Father   the father of the lost child – something of a rough diamond.
  • Delivery Man     a biker with helmet and leathers.

Female Extra:

  • Julie     the cleaner and caterer for the organiser’s office – salt of the earth cockney
  • Mrs Thomson    Kevin’s wife who is slightly smarter in dress, but dowdy
  • Glenn fan          Coloured hair and a floppy T-shirt, ageing groupie

Child Extra:       ‘lost’ child – perhaps in both senses of the word!

In final staging, these extras, in different costume, could also be used to walk through sets like the front of house and across the balcony, and perhaps crowd into the outer office at key moments to add to the general sense of confusion.

© Bob Denton, 2014
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