Introduction – At First Site

The play is set across a week whilst the characters are based at Earls Court Exhibition Centre running the ‘Dream Homes’ exhibition.

Two key individuals, Geoff and Kate, arrive at the venue to run the exhibition as the two senior managers of the organising team.  Both have the aspiration to take up the vacant top role, as event director, for their show. 

The pressures of setting up and running the show becomes their ‘battleground’ where each seeks to gain the ascendancy, yet the harsh reality of organising everything while at site threatens to overwhelm them.

The circumstances provide much tension and a deal of amusement as the small team has to control the event, manage the venue team, the exhibitors, contractors and visitors.

Act 1    This is set across the ‘build-up’ days of the exhibition as it is being built at the venue, the tension as the exhibitors, contractors and organisers seek to get their stands dressed and ready for opening to the public:

  • Scene 1 – the first day at site, where we meet the various characters as they get settled in to the venue and take up their at-site roles.
  • Scene 2 – the final day of the build as things begin to get tense on the eve of opening.

Act 2    The opening morning of the exhibition from the early morning preparations until shortly after the formal opening ceremony:

  • Scene 1 – the chaotic period as the team prepare for the morning’s opening ceremony by a Minister of State.
  • Scene 2 – the frantic period after the public are admitted to the venue provoking a series of fraught incidents that have to be handled by the team.

Act 3    The last open day of the show running up to its formal closure:

  • Scene 1 – the morning meeting that sets the procedures for the final day’s activities.
  • Scene 2 – the last moments of the show’s open period and it’s formal close becomes the denouement of the week’s personal battle.

© Bob Denton, 2014
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