Denton Family Bible

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by Bob Denton

©2016 – Issue 3, July 2020

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These are highlights of this thirty-generation, 1000-year+ journey:

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Left – Denton family’s original coat of arms, with ‘in chief’ three sable cinquefoils (black five-leaved flowers) with bars of argent (silver) and gule (red).
Middle – Sir John de Denton’s coat of arms as at 1375 CE.
Right – Denton family’s later full coat of arms, with three martlets and a lion crest, in some cases the crest is shown as a martlet or eagle (the latter following Roman usage).


To: John Denton (1562-1617)
of Cardew Hall, Dalston, Cumbria CA5 7JQ

I owe much of the early detail of this family history to John, one of England’s early historians. Albeit a remote relative as just a 9C13* (ninth cousin thirteen times removed), his account and family trees of my direct relatives proved invaluable. John prepared these for a significant 1603/4 manuscript he entitled Accompt of the most considerable Estates and Families in the county of Cumberland. It detailed both the topography and gentry of Cumberland from the Conquest until the reign of King James I. More on John later.

It made me ponder whether perhaps my recent confirmed interest in history and the Open University history degree courses was somewhere in the genes? More on genes below in ‘Where do I come from originally?’

John’s lasting legacy inspires me to be academically vigilant and rigorous in preparing, some four hundred years after his opus, my own Accompt of the Denton family.

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