Keeping on the move

One thing that friends and families would agree upon, is that we have moved around quite regularly, thereby messing up the D section of their address book. So here is a full list of where we have lived.

For some sort of unknown reason I had an old world atlas that, each time I took a flight, I anally drew in a line showing the as-the-crow flies route. When I first had a personal website I created graphics for this. I have updated these, as at late November 2019, and show them here:

Plot of my European flights and boat trips

These indicate to me that I need to do more in eastern Europe, south America. Africa and Australasia, before I am less able to manage long-haul travel.

Plot of my worldwide and round world flights and boat trips

 But it also shows how my world travel pales into insignificance against Matt’s who appears never to be off a plave!

Before we married we had both grown up in Bristol. I had lived in just two houses both in in Horfield Bristol. These actually backed on to each other.

14 Ludlow Road and 145 Wordsworth Road
14 Ludlow Road, BS7 0DY
51°29’36″N 2°34’16″W
145 Wordsworth Road, BS7 0EQ
51°29’35″N 2°34’14″W

In the first picture – see Ludlow Road, the mid-terrace house to the right of the alleyway and Wordsworth Road home, the right-hand semi at the top of the photo – we actually moved our stuff through the hedge!

77 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HR
51°27’48″N 2°36’43″W
Sarah and Matt with my XLS outside #77

Jane had an early family home in Highland Square Clifton but much of her youth was spent at Alma Vale Road. When we first started going out together we had both to be at a phone booth at a pre-arranged time, with the relevant coins. If it was already in use we had to persevere until we could get through – a different age!

Flat 2, (1st Floor) 72 Embankment Road, Plymouth, South Devon PL4 9HY
50°22’18″N 4°6’58″W

After marriage, on 2nd November 1968, we moved into a one-bedded  first floor flat. It was one of four set above two adjacent shops, ours was above what was then Drake’s Bazaar. We paid, what was then an extravagant £16 3s 4d in cash each month to a local estate agent.

I was working for Sweda, played rugby for Prince Rock, and our local was across the road, the Laira Tavern.

Most importantly Jane had Sarah in Devonport Maternity Hospital while living here. Jane could push her in her pram down to Plymouth Hoe. But, they would both join me whenever I had a sales call in somewhere like Perranporth. I would join them on the beach after business was done.

43 Hobbs Crescent, Saltash,
Cornwall PL12 4JJ Tel: 3666
50°24’41″N 4°14’1″W

I was doing well at Sweda given the forthcoming decimalisation in February  1971. In August 1969 we had saved enough to put a 5% deposit down on this starter semi- on a new estate. This was just across the Tamar bridge from Plymouth in Saltash. I played rugby for Saltash and joined the local Round Table. Married life was blossoming!

12 Blakes Road, Thornbury, Gloucestershire BS35 2JB
51°36’31″N 2°31’17″W

We moved back to the Bristol area in August 1970 and bought this mature home overlooking playing fields in this market town, just north of Bristol. It was from here that Matt joined us, being born at nearby Almondsbury hospital. Thornbury Round Table and Ladies Circle kept us both busy, while I switched jobs to join Rank Xerox and seek out some professional sales/ marketing training.

9 Magdalen Crescent, Byfleet, Surrey KT14 7SR
51°19’54″N 0°28’21″W

I joined Hugin and needed to move up towards London, we bought this semi in Byfleet, where the children started school and I commuted to the East End around the South Cicrular – no M25 or M3 back then.

Platform One, Station Road, South Benfleet, Essex SS7 1NG
51°32’39″N 0°33’48″E

I joined KeyMed and we moved to Essex. I enjoy using this photo because I know the vellure short shorts and basin haircut offends Matt! This was an interesting reversed house (living upstairs, sleeping down) that maximised its views of the Thames estuary. I swapped the South Circular for hours spent on the A13 and A127.

59 The Moor, Carlton, Bedfordshire MK43 7JR
Tel: 0234 721088
52°11’25″N 0°36’27″W

I joined Texas Instruments as their Personal Computer Manager and we moved to Bedfordshire. Strangely, this house on The Moor also had us sleeping downstairs. Spot that tree, there was a small copse of them and I spent much of my spare time raking up leaves. The kids schooling took precedence over any moves and we spent some years around Bedford, here and at Merton Road while I took on a number of roles. That double-length garage was used as the first warehouse when I signed a deal to become the distributor for Sinclair computers, in UK, France and China.

15 Merton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 3AF
Tel: 01234 354467
52°8’33″N 0°27’28″W

Jane was at college and the kids at school in Bedford, so we spent too much time travelling in and out. We bought this substantial seven-bedded detached house in the town to make things easier for them. While I was schlepping to and from London, by rail or road. Later, Jane taught at two of the Harpur Trust schools, while Sarah and Matt attended the other two.

24 Greswell Road, Fulham, London SW6 6PP
Tel: 0171 731 8659
51°28’33″N 0°13’11″W

In 1994 we moved into Fulham, and put in the loft conversion (you can see from the Veluxes). We were just paces away from Craven Cottage but fortunately they had yet to be bought by Al Fayed and so attendances were quite thin. I worked for News International Exhibitions until the show and I were sold off to Blenheim – offering a nice easy drive to Chiswick offices. While Jane taught in Putney.

11 Cranbrook Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7QT
Tel: 0117 942 5133
51°28’38″N 2°36’18″W

In 1997 I left to pursue various consultancies and initiatives of my own and we moved back to our roots, buying this property in Redland Bristol.

Sunnyside Cottage, Townsend, East Harptree, Somerset BS40 6BH
Tel: 01761 221741
51°18’16″N 2°37’1″W

In 2000 we decided to split our property in two, buying this cottage in Somerset near the lakes. We invested in good walking shoes making all sorts of rambling plans, but as we moved in an outbreak of Foot & Mouth meant that all the bridleways and footpaths were closed.

23 Calle Edgar Degas, Pinosol Urbanization, Javea 03730, Alicante, Spain
Tel: +34 96 577 1544
38°45’10″N 0°11’10″W

With the balance we bought a villa in Javea on an urbanisation, so that we could lock it up safely in between our six/seven visits a year.

Cottages, Scald End Farm, Mill Road, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire MK44 2DP
52°11’57″N 0°27’45″W

Lured back to Bedford to work with a friend who was in the process of a reverse takeover and IPO in telecoms, we initially rented this thatched cottage. The attached farm specialised in turkeys and geese and, as this was the period between the 9/11 attack and Christmas, we had a ringside seat as their numbers declined steeply.

77 Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Bedfordshire MK40 4QJ
Tel: 01234 343656
52°08’27″N 0°30’18″W

 We moved into this modern detached home in Biddenham – where regrettably it is most memorable for me having my first taste of heart disease and my first stent inserted at Papworth.

Mulberry House, 8 Couching Street, Watlington, Oxfordshire OX49 5QQ
Tel: 01491614466
51°38’38″N 1°0’20″W

By 2003 I was sucked back into show business, the Apple exhibitions, and moved to Watlington, setting up offices in Marlow.

4 Poppy Road, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9DA
51°43’3″N 0°50’14″W

 Matt had moved in with us and, to get back our independance, we bought this small terraced house for him to use, but with a view that it could be our UK bolt hole, as we set out to buy a full-time home in Spain.

Ilmer Meadows, Ilmer, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9RD
51°44’32″N 0°53’15″W

In 2007 as we prepared to buy and set up our Spanish home we moved into a rental bungalow. It’s behind the trees, sadly we have no pix and Google Earth obviously did not send their vehicle up this lane. It was ideal to sort out what we would dump, drop off at Sarah’s for her new home, and what we would actually take to Spain.

4 Calle Francia, Colomer, Javea 03736, Alicante, Spain – Google shot today
Tel: +34 96
38°47’05″N 0°09’04″W
From garage to villa
From villa to garage

In 2007 we moved full-time to Javea for five years, retaining Poppy Road as our UK base, but it began to prove too small (no storage) for our purposes.

Icknield Cottage, Thame Road, Longwick, Bucks HP27 9SG
51°44’14″N 0°51’31″W

In 2010 we traded up ourUK bolt hole to this four-bedded detached modern house, with a minimum maintenance garden, as our base from Spain and Matt’s from Dubai. When we moved back to the UK we rented this house out until 2017 but in 2012 bought Easdon as our UK home.

Easdon Cottage, 13 Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, Oxon OX39 4DZ
51°42’24″N 0°54’26″W

In 2012 we bought this Chinnor property. while renting out the Longwick one. We settled in Chinnor for almost seven years.

25 Arnold Way, Thame, Oxon OX9 2QA
Tel: 01844 ……
51°44’36″N 0°58’50″W

We moved from Chinnor in September 2019 as a six-month rental while we selected our next home.

I Pickenfield, Thame, Oxon OX9 3HG
Tel: 01844 ……
51°44’32.1″N 0°57’32.1″W

Late in November 2019 we acquired Pickenfield in Thame and completed our early flurry of decoration and gardening just in time for the Covid lock-down.

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