5.4 Italian events 1811-1850

Italy had been occupied successively by the Spanish, the French and the Austrians. Napoléon making north-central Italy a client state of the French Empire and installed his brother-in-law as the King of Naples. The Conference of Vienna took the situation back to where it had been in the eighteenth century. It took until 1870 for a full unification of what we consider as Italy today.

5.4.1  1829, 1832, 1838, 1844, 1850 Turin, Pubblica Esposizione

Poster for 1829 event

It was Torino (Turin) that led the way for Italian exhibitions running its Pubblica Esposizione de Prodotti dell Industria Nazionale in 1829, 1832, 1838, 1844 and 1850.

These were organised by the Regia Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce of Turin and held at the seventeenth-century Real Castello del Valentino, which today acts as the Architecture Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Little data could be discovered about these five events.

Source: museoTorino – for 1850 event

5.4.2  1846, Genoa, Esposizione dei Prodotti e delle Manufatture nazionale

See also 1846 Genoa event data sheet

Meanwhile 170km south-east of Turin an ‘Exhibition of Products and National Manufacture’ was held in Genoa in 1846.

Genoa 1846 show catalogue

The main record from the event appears to be about one of the award winners. A local business run by Luigi Testori, operating under a licence with the Swiss Speich company, won prizes for his printed fabrics. The actual description for the award was not particularly upbeat – they were said to be ‘fine and good quality fabrics and vague colours, well assorted’.

Genoa 1846

5.4.3  1858, Turin, Industrial Exhibition

Turin followed the French example of using exhibitions to promote industrial development, it therefore ran a series of events, named Esposizione pubblica dei prodotti dell’industria (Public exhibition of industrial products), in 1829, 1832, 1838, 1844, 1850 and 1858. These became much more significant with the 1884 and ensuing events.

Poster for Turin 1884
Turin 1884 venue

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