DREAM TEAM – the synopsis

A television comedy-drama mini-series – by Bob Denton

Three fast-paced one-hour episodes show the characters, the DREAM TEAM, working at London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre to run the annual ‘Dream Homes’ public show.

The sets are all located in the background of the show, so while the event is clearly occurring, it is never actually seen. The at-site experience builds tension for the small organising team as they run the event, respect the venue rules, marshal the contractors, manage the exhibitors and control the public visitors. There are many amusing moments, with the action including face-to-face, phone, radio and Tannoy encounters to set a frantic pace.

Two key individuals, Geoff and Kate, arrive at the venue as the most senior managers for the organising team, one from sales and one from operations. Both have the aspiration to take up the vacant top role, as event director. Currently Geoff, the younger and less experienced of the two, is the favourite as he has been appointed Acting Event Director. Kate fears her company is institutionally sexist, promoting only men to event director positions, but she still has hopes.

The pressures of setting up opening and closing such a large public event serves as the two managers’ ‘battleground’. The at-site realities and issues threaten to engulf them and spoil both of their chances of promotion.

Episode 1: BUILD-UP
This takes place at either end of the ‘build’ days for the exhibition. as the organisers take occupancy at ExCeL, and as contractors arrive to build it. It reveals tensions as exhibitors, contractors and organisers seek to get the show ready in time for opening to the public:

Part 1: The first day of tenancy at site. We meet the various team members and their temp staff. Issues reveal their different personalities, proclivities, and a venue relationship.

Part 2: The final day of the exhibition build. Time is fast running out as the tension grows. Costs are escalating. Amid thefts and technical problems, Kate meddles to put Geoff in a bad light.
Episode 2: OPENING DAY
The first open day of the exhibition, from last-minute early morning preparations until a short time after the formal opening ceremony:

Part 1: A chaotic period as the tired and irritable team prepares for the morning’s opening ceremony. Bill exploits the chaos. Last-minute issues are resolved, the Minister opens the show.

Part 2: The frantic period after the public has been admitted into the venue. Jorja informs Geoff of Kate’s plots. The team handles a lost child, a bomb threat, a demanding singer, a leaky fish tank…
Episode 3: THE CLOSE
Set on the final open day of the show and the run-up to its formal closure and subsequent show breakdown:

Part 1: Morning of last day. The team has become tetchy as it sets the procedures for the close. Kate and Kevin are at loggerheads. Celeb visits and heaving crowds threaten to close the venue.

Part 2: Last moments of the show’s open period, the denouement for the inter-personal battle between Kate and Geoff. Kate tries to sabotage the close. Who will get the role?

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