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Charles and Mary Lamb wrote Tales from Shakespeare in 1807, providing readers with a quick reference to some of the Shakespeare plays. They were siblings, Mary Lamb was responsible for presenting the comedies and Charles presented the tragedies. They avoided the more complex history plays, in part because their audience was children.

I thought I would try my hand at a similar review of the works of Charles John Huffam Dickens

– but for all the works of Dickens!

His Life

A detailed look at the man as the background to his works. Where he was born, where he lived, where he worked, his loves and losses, when he wrote what…

His Works

His major and minor works, his Christmas tales, the magazines that serialised them and his forrays into the theatre.

His Characters

The some 1700 characters that he created in order to populate his writings, and where you can find them.

His LifeHis WorksHis Characters – Back to Bob Denton.com

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