8 thoughts on “BREAKTHROUGH – Denton Family Bible extended back to 4,004 BCE

  1. Also being from Sir Richard Denton lineage, I have to say Thank you for the work and dedication.
    Very inspiring, I keep your site pinned on my tool bar. Interesting read you might look at,
    ( Genealogy of the descendants of Rev. Richard Denton of Hempstead, long island, for the first five generations). Author George D. A. Combes.
    Ancestry Tree-Denton-Selkirk

  2. I am the Denton family in America!! Sir Richard Denton’s son came and started our lineage here!

    1. Hi Amanda
      Nice to hear from you. I keep meaning to explore Richard Denton’s lineage in the States – I did find a large US database of Denton’s, some 5,000 of them! So perhaps I should set to it. Do you have any local trees that you have found or initiated?

        1. Hi Sherie
          I need to dig back into the research that was done well over a decade ago, I recall it was an American website dedicated to Denton Genealogy. This was one site that I found useful in that respect, haven’t checked if it still exists – http://www.dentongenealogy.org and http://www.dentongenealogy.org/Biographies/biographies.html – this site certainly also provided a long list of military Dentons in America. https://kycarter.com/charts/DENTON/denton.htm was also fruitful. I also found a stub that listed a number of Tennessee Dentons, but can’t immediately lay my hands on that url. I hope these do give you some useful links?

          In going back through my notes I did fall across a Denton who went down with the Titanic – but couldn’t directly link my family to him.

          Sorry for this not-so-very-helpful response. My notes are across perhaps two hundred files that are not as well labelled and referenced as I thought – worse, they are all mixed amongst my MA files on Bristol Merchants and the Slave Trade – just to add to the agony! Sorry again. I’ll try to get back to that some time soon, but just wrapping up two books at the moment.

  3. I believe that I might have mentioned this to you before Bob, but you really never cease to amaze me!


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